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By Robyn Alright

If Boho-chic is your style, then Johnny Was is your store. The brand launched in 1987 and was named from a line in a Bob Marley song, “Johnny was a good man”.  The idea was to share luxurious vintage and bohemian clothing that was universal and timeless. Many of the pieces feature effortless silhouettes and exquisite fabrics. Johnny was is definitely for the lady that loves both comfort and style.


When you walk into the store, you are inundated with color and creativity. Warning: the urge to buy everything may come upon you! One of the first things you may notice are the stunning kimonos. They are elegant, regal and fit for a queen.


The embroidery on the bags are unmatched and they scream boho-chic! These bags are the perfect accessory to help elevate your everyday style.


Johnny Was has a collection of embroidered espadrilles that will blow your mind. The beautiful design of these slip-on shoes will have you walking on sunshine!


The Eli Necklace is so unique it is sure to turn heads. It is made from repurposed fabrics and each necklace is braided and accented with glass beads.

Johnny Was is a dream come true for anyone with an earthy and comfortable style. When you get a chance, visit a store or browse online at Thank me later.