TStewart (25)
Photography by Robyn Alright

Everyone has the same 24 hours, you choose how you want to spend them.” These are words of wisdom from Trevon Stewart, former defensive back for University of Houston Football and current CEO of JackBoyz Apparel. It is obvious that Trevon has optimized his time extremely well. After completing his collegiate career, he immediately traded in the jersey and cleats for the responsibilities of entrepreneurship.

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JackBoyz Apparel was created during Trevon’s time as a student-athlete. In 2013, the U of H defense lead the nation in takeaways. “We felt we could take whatever we wanted,” Trevon declared. And that, they did. Confidently, the guys started to refer to themselves as the JackBoyz. It did not take long for the name to catch on. They consistently delivered what they promised. As the JackBoyz gained momentum, the group decided to create shirts for themselves to show their solidarity. The design quickly caught the attention of students and fans. As demand for the shirts quickly increased, Trevon recognized the entrepreneurial opportunity.

TStewart (27)

“Being a college athlete prepared me for the business world,” Trevon shared. He learned how to remain motivated and disciplined. He also learned the importance of time management and work-life balance. “There is always going to be speed bumps,” Trevon stated, “but as an entrepreneur, you have to know how to work through all adversity.” Trevon pushed through entrepreneurial challenges because he believed in himself and the potential of the JackBoyz clothing company.

Trevon is no stranger to hard work. Ever since the age of 5, his father would have him go outside at 6 in the morning to do drills for whatever sport he played at the time. At an early age, Trevon developed the skills needed to be leader and businessman.

TStewart (30)

JackBoyz Apparel is just the beginning. Trevon hopes to eventually start a real estate company and explore his artistic talents as rapper. It takes tremendous focus and mental strength to be this ambitious. This is why Trevon always finds quiet time to clear his mind and he frequently reads the Bible to gain wisdom and understanding.

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The future is bright for Trevon Stewart. Not only is he making big business moves, but he is making big moves in his personal life as he is soon to be married!  Best wishes to the happy couple!

Be sure to follow Trevon on Twitter @JackBoyzApparel and Instagram @JackBoyzGlobal. Get your JackBoyz appearel @ www. jackboyzapparel.com.