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All Photos Courtesy of @ohliveekollection

By Robyn Alright

The wait is over. The Ohlivee’ Kollection, pronounced (uh-LIV-ee-a) is back and better than ever.  After a brief hiatus, this premium fashion brand has bounced back with passion and purpose.

ohlivee man white shirt

Ohlivee’ is a unique name that is derived from Olivia. Temptest, the company’s founder, says that the brand is named after her late great grandmother, Olivia, who passed away December 9th 2016. “I researched the phonetic spelling of her name and loved the way it looked and sounded,” Temptest shared.

ohlivee man gray hoodie

The Ohlivee’ Kollection is different from other brands of street wear because it blends visual art into the world of street fashion. This brand is poised to have a global reach with plans to release new merchandise that will appeal to a broader audience. The Ohlivee’ Kollection offers merchandise that everyone, no matter their personal style, wants to add to their wardrobe.

ohlivee woman

Many pieces in Ohlivee’ Kollection are very versatile. You can dress it up or dress it down. The entire collection has an urban chic look that is modern and fresh. It is also a unisex brand that has appealing designs for everyone.

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The Ohlivee’ Kollection is a brand infused with culture. Built with perseverance, this brand will inspire street fashion and urban style for years to come. To learn more about this brand and its impact in the community, go to  https://ohliveekollection.com/.