#FindTheMessage in the Art of Kelly Hooper

Open for Interpretation by Kelly Hooper  Source: Instagram @warriorkellygreen


Creativity can be healing. This is something that collage artist, Kelly Hooper, knows very well. After a suicide attempt, Kelly discovered that creating collage art aided in her recovery. She found a way to redirect her energy in a productive way. Her productivity has manufactured beautiful artwork that carries meaningful messages.


Black White Red All Over by Kelly Hooper Source: Instagram @warriorkellygreen


“A lot of my collages almost seem to fall together,” she shares, “The messages just seem to find me and ‘ask’ to be put together.”  Kelly hopes that those who view her work can relate to her message. She understands that everyone may not connect to her creations, but her mission is to reach the ones that can.


Fend for Yourself by Kelly Hooper, Source: Instagram @warriorkellygreen


The Perfect Breakdown by Kelly Hooper, Source: Instagram @warriorkellygreen


Kelly encourages everyone to give collage art a try.   It is a forgiving medium and  inexpensive to get started. Anything, including old magazines and old books, makes for great material. Beautiful art can be created when one is bold enough to use their imagination.


Age of Aquarius by Kelly Hooper,  Source: Instagram @warriorkellygreen


Kelly is also a talented photographer and a writer of poetry. It is not uncommon for her poetry to show up in her collage art. To see more of her amazing work, follow her on IG @WarriorKellyGreen.