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If you are a business and you are interested in advertising opportunities, please contact us.

Submitting your work to be published is easy.  Contact Robyn at and include the following:

  • Your name as you would like for it to be published.
  • Your Instagram handle.
  • A website or link to portfolio (optional)
  • Three images of your work in JPG format.
  • Contact information.

Submission Guidelines

We are looking for fashion editorials from models/ fashion photographers. From artists we are looking for contemporary or urban art. Musicians / bands: we are happy to feature you too.

Please provide images that you own the copyright to.  If the photographer owns the copyright, you must provide their permission to publish the photographs online. Always provide the social media handle of the photographer so that proper credit can be given. You may also include wardrobe and team credits.

Rocky Mae Style has the right to use, enlarge, adjust, reduce and/or crop the original photograph if necessary.

Male and Female models are welcomed to submit images.

Please note that just because you submit images does not guarantee that you will be published. We reserve the right to select the images to be published on

If selected, you images may also be shared on the social media outlets of Rocky Mae Style. Also, if selected, you will be asked to submit a brief bio and possibly be asked a few questions about your career and projects.

We will try to respond to as many submissions as we can. It is possible that every inquiry may not receive a response.