Stephanie (12)a

Stephanie’s style is fun and eclectic.  She loves to mix the old with the new and incorporate styles from different cultures. After high school, Stephanie had dreams of becoming a fashion designer or a model. A series of unfortunate events prevented that from happening. But, Stephanie is a fighter and has maintained her sense of style. 

Stephanie (4)
Photography by Robyn Alright

Stephanie (8)

“My story is not conventional,” Stephanie shares.   This is why she decided to write her book titled “My Emotional Release.” After spending years on the streets battling addiction and depression, Stephanie is getting back on her feet. Her faith in God is what keeps her motivated to persevere.

Stephanie (11)

Stephanie (13)

Stephanie will not give up on reaching her goals. She admits that it is not easy, but she is determined to help herself and others.

Stephanie (16)

Stephanie truly has an amazing story.  She is a testament to what hard work and determination can accomplish. You must find the time to read this story about her in the Houston Chronicle. To say that it is inspiring is an understatement.