Model: Angela Wcislo, Hmua Model Photographer & Retoucher: Robert Campbell

Robert Campbell is a Scottish photographer who expresses his creativity through fashion photography. As a child, Robert always displayed artistic talent while growing up in a mining village in the Southwest of Scotland.  

Robert Campbell, Fashion Photographer

However, it was on his 47th birthday that photography became his artistic medium of choice. “I like the diversity of the medium which allows me to undertake all different types of genres with fashion being one of these,” Campbell shares, “ I came to photography late and soon realized it was my passion with the last 3 years of my life being devoted to it.”

Model: Miguel Martin, Hmua Model Photographer & Retoucher: Robert Campbell

On his 47th birthday, Campbell’s friend was selling his DSLR camera and his wife generously got it for him under one condition: that he learned how to use it and didn’t give up. “From that moment on there was no looking back,” Campbell said. He did everything he could from watching online video tutorials to just going out and shooting to learn the difference in lighting, depth, and composition.

His hard work and dedication paid off. Over the past three years, Robert’s popularity has grown and he has earned a reputation as one of Scotland’s rising stars in fashion photography.

Model: Chloe Bella Armstrong, Hmua Model Photographer & Retoucher: Robert Campbell

Campbell says that fashion photography allowed him to follow his passion. His work not only showcases the model and the clothes, but also the city which gives his photos depth.

“I enjoy photography because it has given me a chance to look at the world around me with fresh eyes every single day. It has allowed me to capture a moment that will last forever, that tells a story and brings out emotion in me and others,” Campbell expressed.

Mode:l Ziggy Model, HMUA Model Photographer: Robert Campbell

Campbell is always working to improve his craft. In his line of work, he understands that what one person perceives as beautiful, another may not. He sees it as his job to do more than capture clothes. Campbell’s goal is to capture character and ensure that you see positivity in every photograph.

To see more of his work, follow him on FB or on IG @rob_campbell_01 .