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By Robyn Alright


Pop Shop Houston is an opportunity to view the work of local artist, crafters and designers. This one of a kind festival celebrates the unlimited inspiration of arts and crafts.  At Pop Shop Houston, the city’s most imaginative creators gather to share their handmade products. It is a wonderland of unique goods that are unlikely to be found anywhere else. RockyMae.com was present to take in the festivities. Check out our Seven Sensational Finds at Pop Shop Houston.

Pop Soap

Pop Soap is the creation of the sibling duo, Paul and Gem. Together they create all natural handmade soap. They believe that soap should be able to clean and refresh without synthetic fillers and chemicals. Their brand stands out because of their unique products and love for pop culture.


A favorite is the Courage Bar! This delightful soap is made of coconut oil, almond oil, turmeric, lemon granules and other natural products.  It has a lovely coconut and pineapple fragrance that should boost your courage. Get ready to conquer the world with this soap!


Another hot item is the Brown Sugar Bar. Made with palm oil, turbinado sugar and other natural ingredients, this bar is sure to brighten your day. The pleasant vanilla scent is beyond delightful. Be careful, if you try it, you might get hooked. To see more of Pop Soap’s amazing products, visit. www.popsoapshop.com


Mair Fragrance

mair 3 jpg
Image Source: mairfragrance.com

If you are a strong, sophisticated and classy lady, we have found the perfect fragrance for you. Mair Fragrance is a luxury fragrance company dedicated to creating scents that complement a lady’s natural grace and beauty. Their signature scent is called Remember When. This fragrance is a light floral perfume with soft citrus tones.


Handmade by owner and creator, Mair Emenogu, this high-end scent contains hits of jasmine, amber and Italian bergamot. Learn more about this fantastic product at www.mairfragrance.com.



KAI is the home of some of the most beautiful handmade bags and hats. This luxury brand of authentic products are handcrafted by the indigenous people of La Guajira in northwestern Venezuela. This group of skilled craftsmen are also known as the Wayuu. The Wayuu have passed down their weaving techniques from generation to generation for hundreds of years. The design and quality of their products is unmatched. Created with vibrant colors, it is easy to see why their creations make a statement. Check out more of these stunning designs at www.kaisrtisanal.com .



Jemini Designs


If you are looking for something fun, fresh and funky, then throw your eyeballs on Jemini Designs. This creative company makes custom shirts and gifts for any occasion. A couple of fan favorites are the 90’s throwback ‘Damn Gina’ t-shirt and the Afro sugar skull design. The creativity is endless at Jemini Designs! Click here to see more cool products.  





african fashion2

Kristiane Charrier is a fashion designer and the founder of Kaeci.  Her mission is to use the power of fashion to inspire others. Bold prints and bright colors are staples of  Kaeci designs. Kristiane shared that she obtains her colorful fabrics from her travels to France and multiple countries in Africa. Each piece is created with passion and love. This beautiful clothing is sure to elevate your wardrobe. Follow Kaeci on Instagram @Kaeciconcept.

kai fashion


Bug in the Box

bug in a box
Source: buginabox.net

Bug in the Box is dedicated to incorporating more nature into our daily lives. Handmade butterfly shadow boxes are created with style and could be the perfect touch of décor for your home or office.  After naturally passing away, these insects are ethically sourced from sanctuaries around the world and preserved in lovely shadow boxes. This would make the perfect gift for the nature lover in your life. Visit Bug in the Box online at buginthebox.net



No Crap in It

no crap in it
Image Source: nocrapinit.com

If you want a straight forward beauty brand, here you go! No Crap in It was created from the mind of Feather Blake. She is passionate about creating all natural beauty products. Back in 1999, she realized that the chemicals in her make-up were causing her skin to break out. She created a facial cleanser based with coconut oil and the rest is history. Her products include essential oil moisturizers, a sugar lip plumper and charcoal toothpaste! Find more unique products at www.nocrapinit.com

no crap

Pop Shop is running now through Sunday, June 11, 2017. For more information visit www.popshopamerica.com/