To say that 2016 has been interesting would be an understatement. There were definitely some wonderful moments that made us beam with pride. There were also moments when we wanted to hide under the bed and stay there forever! Regardless of the highs and lows of the past three hundred and sixty-something days, it is now time to move forward. Let us look to 2017 with hope and optimism as we make those promises to ourselves that we affectionately call “resolutions”.

Making New Year’s resolutions gives us an opportunity to be honest about the things we need to improve upon. These improvements almost always include ideas of weight loss, career aspirations and relationship goals. However, it might be wise to consider adding personal style to this list. With the New Year comes a new attitude that may need to be accompanied by a new look! Jump start 2017 with the promise to pay more attention to your personal style. Your style is an outer reflection of your inner creativity. Below are a few ideas to help you make your New Year STYLE resolutions!

Resolve to Make and Keep your Health a Priority
Being ill is never fun. And, it doesn’t matter how cute your clothes are on the outside if you don’t feel well on the inside. It is important to look AND feel like a million bucks.  Take better care of yourself and make your health a priority. To borrow from Jidenna, you don’t want your best dressed day in a casket.


Resolve to Clean Out Your Closet
This activity is usually reserved for springtime. But, it never hurts to get a head start. Begin 2017 with decluttering your closet! Define your personal style by getting rid of the clothes you never wear. There are probably items sitting in your closet that you haven’t worn in years! Do some good and give those clothes to a local non-profit organization. There are plenty of people in need that will appreciate your donation.

Resolve to Find a Great Tailor
A great tailor is your wardrobe’s best friend! A tailor can help you save money by repairing and altering your clothing. Why spend money when a tailor can adjust your garment to look as good as new?

Resolve to Dress for Your Body Type
For example, if your shoulders are wider than your hips, you may want to consider wearing items that emphasize the lower half of your body. Perhaps an A-line skirt will do the trick. On the other hand, if your hips are wider than the top half of your body, try adding volume to the tops you wear. Layering a blouse with a cute vest or adding a scarf to your outfit might balance out the look.

Resolve to Accessorize
Often times, what you need to elevate an outfit are some beautiful accessories. A statement necklace or an adorable clutch bag can take your look from zero to 100! Take a look through our online boutique for some amazing items to add to your jewelry box!


Resolve to Try a New Hairstyle
A new cut and color may be just what you need to start the New Year! Don’t be afraid to try something bold and new.  Coco Chanel stated that, “A women who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” A new hairdo represents a new beginning. Let 2017 be the year you give your locks a new look.

Resolve to Take Better Care of Your Skin
A wise woman once said,” I don’t spend much on clothes, but I will invest in skin care products. Great skin goes with any outfit!” Your skin is a great asset. Care for it wisely.  When you have great skin, your makeup doesn’t have to work as hard. Drink more water, eat more vegetables, and moisturize! These are simple tips to follow to help improve your skin.


Resolve to Plan Your Outfits the Night Before
Why is this important? Because, it is a time saver! Setting out your clothes the night before allows you to creatively put an outfit together without having to rush. How often have we wasted time sifting through a mountain of clothes complaining that we have nothing to wear?  In 2017, let’s get more organized and plan out the outfits that reflect our personal style.

Resolve to Invest in Wardrobe Staples
There are a few items that should serve as the foundation of your wardrobe. These flexible items allow you to create multiple style options. A few closet staples include a tailored blazer, a white button-down shirt, a great pair of jeans, a pair of flats, black pants, a little black dress and a great pair of high heels.


Resolve to Improve Your Attitude
A positive attitude is always your best accessory regardless of what brand of clothes your wear. If you have a nasty attitude, there is no piece of clothing or shade of makeup that will make you lovely. True beauty comes from within.  Resolve to enter 2017 with a positive and cheerful attitude. Set the example of what true glamour should be.

Have a very Happy New Year!
Robyn Alright