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Having a conversation with Ms. Victor is like having a pep talk with your very own motivational speaker. As an entrepreneur and model, she is a force of inspiration.  She uses her brains and beauty to challenge others, especially women, to recognize their self-worth and value. “We are mainly focused on the outside and forget the internal space,” Ms. Victor shares.  She is a testament to the fact that true beauty comes from within.

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Photos by Robyn Alright

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It is no secret that Ms. Victor loves to model. She is in her element when walking on the runway. “I feel confident that I’m giving the crowd the best show with class, style and grace,” Ms. Victor says.

For all of the upcoming models and fashionistas, here is Ms. Victor’s message to you, “Do it, regardless of your look, your height, your weight.  There is a market for you.  The wonderful thing about being you is that you no one can do you the way you do you. It’s beautiful seeing a wide range of individuals that can bring something fun, unique and new to the table. Don’t ever let the doubt of uncertainty cloud your mind. That will keep you from living.  Don’t let your dreams die still clutched to your heart.  Go for it!”

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Two things that Ms. Victor enjoys outside of modeling is Broadway and belly dancing! She swears that belly dancing is a liberating experience and that every lady should try it at least once. “It’s sensual, electrifying and it awakens your inner divinity. It will change your life!” says Ms. Victor.  Regarding Broadway, who knows, me might just see her in The Lion King someday!

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Ms. Victor stays balanced by meditating, reading and listening to classical music. She enjoys spending time with her family and running her business.  She is ambitious, adventurous and motivated to win.  “I live my life with intention and purpose. Tomorrow isn’t promise to me. I have much to gain and little to lose. My future depends on the work I’m willing to put in today. I have an example to set for the ones coming after me,” Ms. Victor said.

To learn more about Ms. Victor, visit her website, For the Royals, and be sure to follow her @iamneima on IG.