Micaela (18)2

Here’s Micaela! She is a free-spirit with a bright personality. While her style is very casual and comfortable, she knows how to make a statement. She wears confidence like a crown and she understands the importance of natural beauty.

Micaela (2)
Photography by Robyn Alright

Micaela defines beauty as being happy with who you are. She believes that true beauty is embracing the natural you and not caring about what others may think of your appearance.

Micaela (6)

Micaela (5)

Micaela (12)Micaela participates in activities that give her creative freedom. She enjoys photography, graphic design and will design her own clothes when inspired.  Her favorite item of clothing is a jacket she created that celebrates her culture. Keep reading to see that jacket!

Micaela (17)

Micaela (15)

Micaela (16)

Micaela has a great passion to succeed. She has refused to let difficult situations keep her from letting her light shine. To see more of Micaela, follow her on Instagram @projek_kayla. Now that jacket:

jacket final
Photo provided by Micaela Webster