Loretta Williams Gurnell, President and Founder of Super Lady Live

RMS: What was your motivation for starting the SUPERLady LIVE MOVEMENT?

LWG: My motivation to start SUPERLady LIVE MOVEMENT came through a song that I didn’t know I needed to write.  You see, the melody wouldn’t leave me.  It was my peace for at the time, I wasn’t feeling SUPER, loving SUPER, giving SUPER or trusting SUPER.  My life was pretty discombobulated to say the least.  My immediate family and I had some hard times.  Job loss, downsize, not enough money to even meet the ends but we still kept going and I still kept showing up and sometimes broke and broken!  My mom was seriously ill and I, at the time, was 22 hours away from her and my visits were too far apart.  My greatest fear was that my babies wouldn’t remain whole but my faith carried me through.  I saw ladies just like me … FAKING it terribly! I could relate because if I told, people wouldn’t believe my God had my back.  But I had to press anyway.

I kept asking questions.  I wanted more. I performed the song, “SUPERLady” all across the country. The first time was opening for Lisa Ling for a national women’s business conference. But sometimes even when I sang it, was singing it to me just to get back home in my right mind.  See when you are a “public figure” sometimes your audience forgets that you struggle, you have pain, you have setbacks and believe it or not, sometimes you don’t want to show-up but you do.   At the end of the day, I wanted women/ladies to know that they can be SUPER while becoming transformed.  It’s a process that becomes a lifestyle.  It’s how you handle the process to get out of the process that makes you SUPER.

RMS: The motto is “What we do today determines how we shine tomorrow.” Explain why that is so important for our success.

LWG: Many times we find ourselves, as ladies, trying to just get through the day instead of planning the day or speaking over your day.  Think about ‘forgetting those things behind and pressing toward the mark.’  Now, no matter where your faith lies, it’s applicable to everything we do.  For example, when we choose to pick-up baggage, it becomes trash pretty fast and we know what trach does, it stinks because it rots.  It stinks up every area of our lives.  So imagine planning the day where you meet goals and gain skills. Hmmm, how does that sound?  So in other words, your day cannot be filled with just tasks.  You must prioritize your day with tasks to meet a goal and training to strengthen your skillset.  You do this once a day for 30 days and watch that become your way of living.  Imagine that kind of life!

RMS: What has been the greatest success story to evolve from the work of SLLM?

LWG: I believe to date, my greatest success story is that I wrote the song “SUPERLady” when it was a tough time for me mentally.  I think back to the day and what I looked like, felt like and where we were.  When people ask about my beginning or the impact we’ve made, I think, just think if I had not written the song. There would be plenty of lives not empowered because I didn’t have enough faith to move!  For example, I recently learned that her attendance to our Spring Essential Tools, one of our attendees registered for today’s training, Sept 29 had an idea that was birthed and now her idea is a conference that will launch Oct. 1, 2016!  How cool is this?

RMS: What is the best advice you ever received and how have you used that advice in your life to help others?

LWG: The best advice I’ve received comes from my 82 year young godmother, Mrs. Dorothy Mae Smothers.  During my engagement and one of her wisdom talks, she shared, “Loretta, don’t start nothing you don’t want to finish.”  Now mind you, she was referring to the things of my marriage.  However, I took that note and have applied it to multiple areas of my life.  It’s guided me through my marriage, job placements, job assignments, business development, business relationships, motherhood, friendships, etc.  It’s a part of my best business practice and believe me, it’s GREAT advice.  I D.A.R.E. you to try it!

RMS: In addition to SLLM you have SUPERGirls SHINE Foundation.  How does SGSF help young ladies develop their leadership skills?


LWG: As founding president, I find it definitely refreshing to be able to engage, develop and empower girls to their own SHINE through SUPERGirl Table Talks, SUPERGirl EXP and STEM Days. The first thing we do is explain why it is so important for young ladies to develop self-care, personal interest and good choices along with prepared language.

RMS: How does SLLM plan to expand in the future?

LWG: SUPERLady LIVE MOVEMENT plans to expand in the future by staying true to our Theme: “TOGETHER We Are STRONG.”  We accomplish this with mentoring women as we BUILD you to GROW your business to increase PROFITS, Essential Tools!  It’s a lifestyle.  We also believe in strategic alliances that align with our core values.  In building relationships, we listen and the respond.  Lastly, our goal setting is real. We plan, process, develop and execute.  And we also adjust when needed and have no problem removing things and relationships in order to maintain a healthiness that greatly benefits our community.

RMS: Share your thoughts on inner beauty and letting your light shine. 

LWG: Inner beauty is something that is revealed with your journey.  Every step counts and forgiveness is definitely a part of that journey.  Embrace your journey and all that comes with it and watch your light shine.  Don’t be quick to speak but faithful to listen.  Share your story and be authentic.  Believe that there are people assigned to you and those who aren’t, it’s okay.  It’s not your journey.  Lastly, believe none of this will not work without faith that goes beyond days that you don’t even understand. For me, it’s my faith in God that keeps me grounded to know and live that all things work together for the good of them who love God and are called according to His purpose, Romans 8:28.