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Tired of your lipstick coming off on wine glasses or the face of your bae?  We found a solution to keep your lipstick where it is supposed to be: on YOUR lips. Introducing LipSense!  This unique product is kiss proof, smudge proof and waterproof.  AND, it can last from 4 to 18 hours!  LipSense lip color includes natural ingredients such as Peony Root, St. Johns Wort and Linden Flower Extract. It is made without GMO’s, is lead free and is not tested on animals. I had to put it to the test.

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When applying LipSense, it is important to follow the directions.  Shake the lip color tube and be sure that your lips are dry and clean.  Going in one direction, apply the product from one corner of your lips to the other. Apply one coat and let it dry, then apply two more times allowing the product to dry between each coat. After you apply the third coat and let it dry, you can then apply the LipSense gloss.  Note: only use LipSense gloss! The LipSense  gloss is specifically formulated to help seal in color and moisture. Once you have applied the gloss, rub those lips together and  blow yourself a kiss because you are ready to go!

Upon application, I felt a cooling sensation. Others claimed to have felt a tingling sensation when first applying. After putting on three coats and allowing it to dry, I then applied the LipSense gloss. The gloss made my lips feel silky smooth.  The initial application was made at 4:30 p.m. It lasted well throughout the night and I decided to sleep with it on. The next morning, the color was still there! However, I will say that my lips were a little flaky. Apparently, this is to be expected because the product exfoliates dead skin cells from the lips. The more you wear the product, the flakiness will decrease.

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LipSense definitely passed the durability test. It stayed on all night and did not come off while I ate dinner and ran my mouth.  But now, it was time to remove LipSense. How are you supposed to take it off when it lasts so long? You should be able to remove LipSense with your normal face wash or makeup remover. However, witch hazel and coconut oil also safely removes the color. I used coconut oil and it came off with a little gentle scrubbing.  If you make a mistake when initially applying the color, there is an Oops! Remover.  This should be used immediately after you have made a mistake.

Over all, LipSense gets a thumbs up!  It comes in a variety of shades and we are sure you can find a color that is great for you. If you want more information, contact our preferred Independent Consultant, Michelle Marcinko.

Happy Kissing!
Robyn Alright