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“It doesn’t matter what cards you’ve been dealt in life, you can still play a good game, and you can still win!” These are the wise words of Kayla Nimer, fashion blogger and aspiring model.  She describes her style as simple and chic with a little bit of edge. “I like to mix things that I’ve purchased at different points of my life and just see how they flow. It always amazes me how I can have an item that I bought years ago, or something my Mom or my grandmother wore back in the day and it can mesh perfectly with something brand new,” Kayla shares.

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Photography by Robyn Alright

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It is easy to see that Kayla is an absolute beauty. You would be surprised to know that as a youth, Kayla struggled with her self-esteem. “I am half Nigerian and half creole, but I was also raised by a white family for a portion of my life. So I was too black, too country, too skinny, and too proper. At times, I just felt like I didn’t fit in with anyone around me,” Kayla shares.

“I was teased by all the kids. I went from a predominantly white school to a predominantly black school and I struggled to find confidence in myself at both,” said, Kayla. The teen years can be tough. But one day, Kayla decided to take control of her confidence.  She took a good look in the mirror and began to tell herself that she was beautiful and that God makes no mistakes. She kept reciting positive words until she believed it. Kayla’s birth name is Nkechi which means “Gift from God”.  As she has grown older, she truly appreciates her wonderfulness and uniqueness.


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There are three things that Kayla loves to do: eat, travel and be around genuine people. She is so passionate about these things, she started a Meetup group called Genuine People Unite.  The purpose of the group is to bring together people in the Houston area who wanted to meet new people who shared some of their interests. “We plan to do everything from inspiration, health and lifestyle, book clubs, open mic nights, concerts, fashion shows and travel.  “Since I’m a big foodie, we’ll definitely be checking out different restaurants,” says Kayla.


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To learn more about Kayla visit her blog at www.ayeeprettyblack.com and follow her on Instagram @ayeeprettyblack.