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By Robyn Alright

It is my pleasure to present to some and introduce to others, Houston model, Katie Smith!  

Becoming a model was not an initial part of Katie’s plans.  However, a friend needed her to model for a brand.  Katie was a little uncertain, but she went ahead and took the gig. That is when the modeling bug bit!  After the photo shoot, she explored more opportunities to model and eventually was signed to an agency.

Katie has big hopes to expand her brand beyond modeling.  Her desire is to grow into photography, blogging and eventually fashion design. With a Master’s degree in Entertainment Technology, her creative skills are unlimited.

Katie shares her story with Rocky Mae Style™ and gives excellent advice to anyone considering the modeling profession.

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Photography by Robyn Alright

RMS:  What inspires your creativity?
KS:      Everything!  I continually seek out inspiration to keep my creative fires going.  I love traveling, learning about history and cultures, frequenting art museums, exploring boutiques, seeing as much live music and live performance as possible, attending events, and connecting with other creatives.

RMS:   When you are not involved in fashion, what are some of your other interest or hobbies?
KS:      Art and music are my loves.  I try to absorb as much visual imagery of all kinds as possible.  I’m a graphic designer, so I nerd about graphic layouts, typography, and color theory.  I sing occasional open mic nights and follow friends’ bands.  

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Katie (17)

RMS:   How do you stay motivated to reach your goals?
KS:       I like to surround myself with positive people who are equally as passionate about pursuing their goals.  You can’t operate in a vacuum.  You need a community.  For me it is as much about connecting and supporting others’ goals as it is about pursuing my own.  Other creatives growing and building their brands give me so much hope and inspiration to grow my own.

RMS:  Where do you like to shop?
KS:      I am a brand loyalist and have a few brands that I adore.  Lane Bryant, Lineagewear, Torrid, and Eloquii are my favorites.  I am completely biased towards brands that support plus size, even though now at a size 12/14 I can crossover into brands that only extend up to a 12/14.  If you didn’t want me to wear your clothes when I was a size 28, I’m not so sure I want to wear your clothes now that I have more options.       

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Katie (26)

RMS:  What words of wisdom would you give other inspiring models?
KS:     Don’t take it personally.  The goal of the industry is to sell clothes, not to make you a star.  Think of it like a businessperson.  Brands and designers are your clients and you need to be the look they want, have the skills they need and act like a professional.  You won’t be a good fit for all brands and all designers, and that is ok.  You will face a lot of rejection, harsh criticisms about your looks, and you have to find a place within yourself to be ok with that.

 I think some aspiring models get into it for a confidence boost, but actually it will shake your confidence to its core.  You have to love yourself first.  If the industry finds you to be a marketable product they can use for their purposes of selling clothes, then great.  If not, then let your passions take you in a different direction.  Give it a shot if you’ve got the drive, but given how few models actually make a living modeling, I wouldn’t advise anyone to make it their only career goal.

RMS:   What is the best advice you ever received?
KS:       Learn to rest, not give up.  You will get kicked down, face failures, and be discouraged.  Step back, look at the big picture, re-strategize how to reach your goals.  Find support and keep going. 

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RMS:  Share your view on the importance of being confident and having inner beauty.
KS:      Beauty is so subjective.  If you live for validation from others to feel beautiful then you are giving away your power.  It really is none of your business whether or not someone else finds you beautiful.  You cannot be all things to all people and not everyone is going to see your beauty.  Find the things in yourself that you love and hold on to that tight.  If you love yourself, it radiates out to the world as confidence, and confidence in more attractive than superficial beauty.

RMS:  Is there anything else that you would like to share?         
KS:      I’m often told “You’re too small for plus size”, even though at a 12/14 I am definitely in the plus size range.  I have been plus size my entire adult life and before losing 140 lbs. I was a size 28.  I have been every size of plus size.  It is very much a part of my identity and I love being a part of the plus sized community.


For more information or to book Katie, visit  www.modelkatiesmith.com. Follow her on Facebook and IG @modelkatiesmith.