Joseff Nathanial

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Meet Joseff Nathanial, fashion model and entrepreneur. He shares the same birthday as Rihanna and has a music catalog that spans multiple genres. In this interview, he shares his inspirational journey on becoming a fashion model.

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RMS: Tell me a little bit about yourself and how you got your start as a fashion model?

JN: A few years ago, I went through a major transition period in life. I was extremely depressed, out of shape, and unhappy. After a lot of prayer, I felt the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, “Joseff, if you want to do this, it’s now or never.” The “this” that still voice was pertaining to was my dreams and aspirations to pursue a career in the arts.

Since I was a kid, I always loved entertainment. I have always sung (my original major in undergrad was operatic music) and acted but never pursued it due to fear and self-doubt. After hearing that message, I put things into action. I did the work. I lost the weight. I changed how I viewed and thought of myself. I removed all toxic relationships from my life. To celebrate my accomplishments, I did a photo shoot with a photographer friend of mine and posted them on social media. As they my say, the rest is history. Within 6 months, I had my first agent. Within a year, I had walked in several shows, did multiple shoots, and was preparing to walk in NYFW.

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RMS: Who are some people that inspire you and have influenced your career?

JN: Definitely my mother. She’s been my biggest supporter from jump. In the fashion game, I admire Tyra Banks and my family, Cherry Davis. Banks taught me that you should use your platform to help others and that you are a brand. Davis gave me confidence when I needed and continues to inspire me.

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RMS: Besides fashion and modeling, what other interests or hidden talents do you have?

JN: I’m a jack of all trades. In addition to modeling, I sing and act. I’ve done a few stage plays. I also have a catering company called Jodell’s Catering. I’ve been cooking since I was a kid. To add, I also have a master’s degree in Human Resource Management. I’ve been a HR business partner for NASA going on 10 years now.

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RMS: What type of music do you like and who are some of your favorite musical artist?

JN: My friends cannot stand my music catalog because it is so random. On shuffle, it will go from R&B, to country, to hip-hop, to jazz, to classical, to pop, and lastly even Tejano. Note: I don’t even speak Spanish. LOL! My all-time favorite singer is Ella Fitzgerald, but I loved Whitney, Luther, Tupac, Biggie Smalls, Kirk Franklin, and last but not least, my mom.

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RMS: In the fashion industry, models face a great deal of criticism and rejection. How do you stay positive and motivated through that process?

JN: I remember, “what’s for me, is for me”. I honestly want everyone to win and be successful while pursuing their dreams and aspirations. I stay blessed cause I pray for God to guide my path, not for a specific thing. I also remember where I’ve come from, so I don’t even hear criticisms. I take it as an opportunity to improve.

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This is just the beginning for Joseff. Follow him on IG and his catering page as well @jodellscatering.