Photographer: Jon Robert @jonrobertphotography

“I just felt it was the path I needed to go down as it was my true passion.”  For Jon Robert, fashion photography was that path. Jon knew that he wanted more, not just for himself, but also for his family.  As a hardworking father of 2 kids, it was important for him to create the freedom to turn his true passion into a successful business.

Photographer: Jon Robert @jonrobertphotography Model: Liv Gray@livgrayx


Photographer: Jon Robert @jonrobertphotography Model: Kirsty Ryan(@modelkirstyryan)

Jon is fortunate to live in the beautiful coastal town of Ayr in the UK. Located just southwest of Scotland, Ayr is filled with beautiful scenery that would be a delight for any photographer. Jon is able to use his surroundings to create astounding images for  his clients and fashion models.

Photographer:Jon Robert @jonrobertphotography Model: Rachel Rice(@rachelricee)

“I like to think through my photography,” Jon shares, “I manage to bring out the true emotion of the person I am working with.” Jon is able to capture this emotion because he genuinely takes the time to learn about who he is photographing. “I get to know things about them and try and create the type of image that if someone asked them to describe themselves in one way, they could go to one of my images and show them and words wouldn’t have to be used,” Jon explained.  

Photographer: Jon Robert @jonrobertphotography Model: Tori Rose @torirosefitness

Bringing out the confidence in others is what Jon does best. He does this by creating a fun and comfortable environment. When you are on set with Jon, you can expect lots of music and lots of laughter. Jon admits that he sometimes forgets that he is doing a job. That seems to be what happens when you are doing what you truly love. His models and clients respond positively to his energy and they are always happy with the results.  

Photographer: Jon Robert @jonrobertphotography Model: Amber Lilly @amberlillymodel

“I have always gone into things with a positive attitude,” Jon says, “There are a lot of people in this world who will try knock you down when you are doing something you love or are being successful with. Just surround yourself with people who have the same passion and fire as you and never restrict yourself with anything.”

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