Let’s be honest. It can get real out here in these streets! In between the daily grind and reaching for your hopes and dreams, it can feel like you are being pulled by war horses going in opposite directions.  It’s tough holding down a day job while growing your side hustle to the point where you can LEAVE your day job. Before work, lunch break, after work and weekends you are the conductor of the hustle train. If this sounds like you, then you understand the importance of being ready for those next level opportunities.  So how does one stay stylish while hustlin’ like a superhero? Here are a few points to keep you working hard without looking like you’ve been hit by a bus.

Separates are Your Savior:  Flexibility is a must for the modern day hustlers. Styling yourself in separates allows you to change your look in an instant. This is important for when you need to sneak off to an interview or networking event. Adding a blazer or changing your shoes can lift a casual look to business professional. Filling your wardrobe with interchangeable items multiplies and expands your range of options.

separates-for-post-3Keep a Style Kit in Your Car: You have a spare tire, you have an emergency kit. Why not have a style kit in your car? This is tremendously convenient for the days you have marathon meetings around town. Here are a few items your kit should include: dressy flats, jewelry (shop our online store), hair accessories, safety pins, and a sewing kit. Also, it never hurts to keep a lint roller, toiletries and a stain remover nearby. If you are a mega style warrior, you might even keep and extra set of clothes for emergencies.

Try LipSense: You may remember me raving about LipSense. Well, you get to hear it again. Ripping and running throughout the day, your make-up tends to fade, especially your lipstick. LipSense is a lip color that can stay on from 4 to 18 hours! Perfect for when you are on the go and running your mouth in meetings. Wearing LipSense, you can be confident that you look great while communicating your brilliant ideas.


Plan Outfits Ahead of Time: This may sound rudimentary, but you definitely feel the consequences when you are not prepared. How often have we wasted 20 minutes of our morning rummaging through our closets trying to put together an outfit for an important meeting? Or, have you ever wasted time looking for a piece of clothing only to remember that it is still at the cleaners? Preparation leads to productivity. When you know what you are going to wear ahead of time, you are less stressed and better prepared for the occasion, whatever it may be.  When you are in hustle mode, you have no time to waste. Plan your look ahead of time in an effort to save it.

Last But Not Least, Take the Time to Treat Yo’self: Burnout is never a good look. While you are conquering the world, make sure you make time to replenish your energy. Self-care, whether it is emotional, physical, or mental, is just as important as making sure that your eye brows are even. It does no good if you are flawless on the outside and falling apart on the inside. Make the time to appreciate yourself. It can be as small getting your favorite cup of coffee or taking a power nap. You could take a few minutes to flip through your favorite fashion magazine or go outside for a walk. Whatever takes you away from the madness of the hustle, do it! It keeps you mentally healthy and energized for the next challenge. 

treat-yo-selfUntil next time, my friends, keep hustlin’ in style!
Robyn Alright