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Photo by @pharrisphotos

By Robyn Alright

What do you get when you mix raw talent and eclectic skill with a ton of confidence? You get GChillz, a multi-faceted fashion model and vocal artist in Houston, TX.  At the age of 17, GChillz was discovered in a mall and he has been working the runway ever since. His stature and natural stride makes him a force as a fashion model.

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Photo by My Regal Image


Photo by Robyn Alright

GChillz is a man of intellect and education. Through hard work and determination, he recently earned his degree from Texas Southern University. His accomplishment proves how important it is to never stop working for your dreams.

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“I would describe my personal style as vintage swag,” GChillz shared. As a 90’s baby, he tends to take his cue from that era. But, it is easy to see that GChillz can work any look from any decade.

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When asked to share his most powerful life lessons, GChillz says that it is so important to be yourself and to always be kind to others. Simple yet powerful words of wisdom spoken from a true gentleman.

Be sure to follow GChilliz and his modeling adventures on IG @gchillz.