Why You Should Conduct Friendventory

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As 2016 rapidly comes to a close, many of us are reflecting over the last year while looking forward with optimism and carefulness. This is the time for self-reflection and participating in the ritual of creating ambitious New Year’s resolutions. As you take the time to do this, allow me to suggest one more action to add to your end of year tasks. Ladies and gentlemen, please do not forget to conduct FRIENDVENTORY.

Friendventory is the act of carefully analyzing the people in your social circle to make decisions on those you may need to add or eliminate. Conducting friendventory is important for your personal growth as it is a universal truth that your social circle can make or break you. The people you surround yourself with can propel you forward, keep you stagnant or pull you backwards. I’d rather move forward. Progress is always a good look.

friendventory3txtYou have a better chance of achieving your aspirations if you surround yourself with people of a similar mindset. Association brings about assimilation. The adage rings true as it is proven that we become like the people we hang around. Take a strong look at those that surround you. Ask yourself, “Do I want to be like them?” If you are around them consistently, their energy and behavior will rub off on you. The scary thing is that it can happen without your knowledge. Subconsciously you can begin to absorb their habits. If these habits are not conducive to your goals, you will find yourself making the same resolutions year after year.

As you reverently take friendventory, you may come to the harsh reality that there are those that need to be removed from your social circle. Proceed with caution. There are various degrees of friendship and social connection. Instead of eliminating someone completely, you may find that you just need to create some distance in order to move forward. You care for them and you want them to succeed, but you know that keeping them too close is not beneficial for your future.  Then there are others that you need to run like hell away from. You be the judge and act accordingly. Do not be afraid to prune your connections. If you are going to win in this race we call life, it is necessary to dump unwanted baggage and burdens. Don’t let negative associations weigh you down.

I leave you with words of wisdom from the legendary girl group, TLC:

What about your friends
Will they stand their ground
Will they let you down again
What about your friends are they gonna be low down
Will they ever be around or will they turn their backs on you

I kinda miss the 90’s,
Robyn Alright

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