Fashion Illustration by Eva Duplan. Artwork provided courtesy of Eva Duplan.

All bodies are beautiful and should be drawn!” These are the words of fashion illustrator and body positivity activist, Eva Duplan.  Eva uses her artistic talents to show that curvy women can be captivating in couture style.  Slowly but surely, the fashion world is realizing that every body type deserves to be styled. Eva uses her illustrations as a way to promote body positivity and to remind us that confidence is always your best accessory.

“The exponential growth of the body positive movement has helped me a lot with coming to terms with loving myself as I am. I’m a plus size woman as well, and I feel compelled to draw in a way that’s a reflection of myself and hopefully of others like me,” Eva shares.  As the plus size industry gains momentum, Eva’s artwork is bound to reach a broader audience. She has cleverly positioned herself as a style influencer and agent of change.

Fashion Illustration by Eva Duplan. Artwork provided courtesy of Eva Duplan.

The talent for drawing comes naturally for Eva as she has been drawing since childhood. However, her passion for fashion illustration was realized during her time in college. She knew that was her career path and she was bold enough to take it.  Currently, she is working on updating her portfolio as she aspires to one day work with major brands like Torrid and Plus Model Magazine.  With her depth of talent, it should not be long before these brands and others are knocking on her door. However, Eva humbly admits that she still has some growing to do as a fashion illustrator. Her ability to admit this is the mark of a mature artist. As we know, great artists are always looking for ways to improve and progress.

Eva draws inspiration from fashion labels such as Alexander McQueen, plus sized models like Tess Holliday, and fashion blogs including The Curvy Fashionista. Whether it is with Photoshop or water colors, Eva manages to use what inspires her to create images that inspire others.

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