Deangela cover (18)By Robyn Alright

I have made it a habit to believe in myself”, says Deangela “Deedee” Jones, an aspiring fashion designer and model. Take one look at Deedee and it is easy to see that creativity is the essence of her being. She is not short on confidence either.

Deangela (11)
Photography by Robyn Hardeway

Deangela (23)

Deangela (20)

When Deedee is not ripping the runway, she enjoys writing poetry and music. She is a talented designer and stylist whose vintage vibe is palpable.  

Deangela (1)

Deangela (6)

Deedee represents the epitome of personal style. She shows the importance of embracing your uniqueness and sharing it with the world.

Deangela (26)

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Deangela (45)

Deedee’s talent speaks for itself. If you want to see more of her work or partner with her on future projects, contact her at Don’t forget to follow her on IG @onedtwoes.