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Coffee and Conversation is an opportunity for creative professionals to network in a fun and casual environment. Come out and meet with others that have an entrepreneurial mindset and an appreciation for fashion, art and creativity. Our special guest will be marketing and branding expert, Sharon Lee Zapata. She will share her advice for elevating your brand and discuss her journey as an entrepreneur.

Please register for this event via Eventbrite.  Our last Coffee and Conversation was filled to capacity! Space is limited. Get your ticket today!

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UPDATE: We have reached capacity for our event on July 22. But don’t worry! We have another Coffee and Conversations coming up on August 19, 2017. Stay tuned!

Coffee and Conversation is an opportunity for creative professionals to network in a fun and casual environment. Come out and meet with others that have an entrepreneurial mindset and an appreciation for fashion, art and creativity. Our special guest will be Houston fashion designer, Miranda Chaney. She will share her advice for getting into the fashion industry and discuss her journey as an entrepreneur. Coffee and lite bites will be served.

Please RSVP to before 7/14/2017. You may also RSVP via Eventbrite. Space is limited. We look forward to seeing you!

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By Robyn Alright


Pop Shop Houston is an opportunity to view the work of local artist, crafters and designers. This one of a kind festival celebrates the unlimited inspiration of arts and crafts.  At Pop Shop Houston, the city’s most imaginative creators gather to share their handmade products. It is a wonderland of unique goods that are unlikely to be found anywhere else. was present to take in the festivities. Check out our Seven Sensational Finds at Pop Shop Houston.

Pop Soap

Pop Soap is the creation of the sibling duo, Paul and Gem. Together they create all natural handmade soap. They believe that soap should be able to clean and refresh without synthetic fillers and chemicals. Their brand stands out because of their unique products and love for pop culture.


A favorite is the Courage Bar! This delightful soap is made of coconut oil, almond oil, turmeric, lemon granules and other natural products.  It has a lovely coconut and pineapple fragrance that should boost your courage. Get ready to conquer the world with this soap!


Another hot item is the Brown Sugar Bar. Made with palm oil, turbinado sugar and other natural ingredients, this bar is sure to brighten your day. The pleasant vanilla scent is beyond delightful. Be careful, if you try it, you might get hooked. To see more of Pop Soap’s amazing products, visit.


Mair Fragrance

mair 3 jpg
Image Source:

If you are a strong, sophisticated and classy lady, we have found the perfect fragrance for you. Mair Fragrance is a luxury fragrance company dedicated to creating scents that complement a lady’s natural grace and beauty. Their signature scent is called Remember When. This fragrance is a light floral perfume with soft citrus tones.


Handmade by owner and creator, Mair Emenogu, this high-end scent contains hits of jasmine, amber and Italian bergamot. Learn more about this fantastic product at



KAI is the home of some of the most beautiful handmade bags and hats. This luxury brand of authentic products are handcrafted by the indigenous people of La Guajira in northwestern Venezuela. This group of skilled craftsmen are also known as the Wayuu. The Wayuu have passed down their weaving techniques from generation to generation for hundreds of years. The design and quality of their products is unmatched. Created with vibrant colors, it is easy to see why their creations make a statement. Check out more of these stunning designs at .



Jemini Designs


If you are looking for something fun, fresh and funky, then throw your eyeballs on Jemini Designs. This creative company makes custom shirts and gifts for any occasion. A couple of fan favorites are the 90’s throwback ‘Damn Gina’ t-shirt and the Afro sugar skull design. The creativity is endless at Jemini Designs! Click here to see more cool products.  





african fashion2

Kristiane Charrier is a fashion designer and the founder of Kaeci.  Her mission is to use the power of fashion to inspire others. Bold prints and bright colors are staples of  Kaeci designs. Kristiane shared that she obtains her colorful fabrics from her travels to France and multiple countries in Africa. Each piece is created with passion and love. This beautiful clothing is sure to elevate your wardrobe. Follow Kaeci on Instagram @Kaeciconcept.

kai fashion


Bug in the Box

bug in a box

Bug in the Box is dedicated to incorporating more nature into our daily lives. Handmade butterfly shadow boxes are created with style and could be the perfect touch of décor for your home or office.  After naturally passing away, these insects are ethically sourced from sanctuaries around the world and preserved in lovely shadow boxes. This would make the perfect gift for the nature lover in your life. Visit Bug in the Box online at



No Crap in It

no crap in it
Image Source:

If you want a straight forward beauty brand, here you go! No Crap in It was created from the mind of Feather Blake. She is passionate about creating all natural beauty products. Back in 1999, she realized that the chemicals in her make-up were causing her skin to break out. She created a facial cleanser based with coconut oil and the rest is history. Her products include essential oil moisturizers, a sugar lip plumper and charcoal toothpaste! Find more unique products at

no crap

Pop Shop is running now through Sunday, June 11, 2017. For more information visit

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By Robyn Alright

Walk into a thrift shop and you are most likely greeted with a smell that resembles molded toast and the color brown. Once you get used to it, you have entered the land of infinite style possibilities!  Anyone who has a unique sense of personal style understands how invaluable the thrift store is.

Sadly, there are those that turn their nose up at the thought of shopping at a thrift store. I feel sorry for them, but that means there is more for the rest of us! If for some reason you are not yet a thrift store convert, perhaps these five reasons will help you to get with the program.

Find Items That You Can’t Find Elsewhere
When you are ready to add some uniqueness to your wardrobe, head to the thrift store. Adding one-of-a-kind items to your closet will greatly enhance your style. You will turn heads with creative clothing that can’t be found in mainstream fashion.

Vintage Lover’s Jackpot
If your style has more of a throwback vibe, the thrift store is where you want to be. You are likely to find clothing from many recent decades. Personally, I love vintage accessories! Old-school accessories can add just the right touch to your outfit. Also, let us not forget about costumes. The thrift store provides a wide selection of items that can be used for themed parties, charity events and Halloween.

fashon design2

Clothing Designers Paradise
A clothing designer in a thrift store can be like a kid in the candy shop! There are endless creative possibilities. In the right hands, an item from the thrift store can be redesigned into something exceptional. Even an amateur designer can find quality pieces to alter and elevate.

Get Cool Things for Your Home
Thrifting is not just for fashion design, it is also for interior design. Update your home with items from the thrift shop. You can create an environment that others will envy. You might even find an antique treasure that is worth far more than what you paid for it.

save money

Fun Items at Affordable Prices.
It’s a no-brainer, you save money. Isn’t that ALWAYS a great thing? Shopping at the thrift store is a great way to try a new look without making a huge investment in clothing. Go wild trying new things. It will not hurt your pocket book!

Have fun poppin’ tags!

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By Robyn Alright

Ladies, it is time we talk about our safety. Everyday, there are horrid stories all over the world of women being attacked, abused and kidnapped. We have to take measures to protect ourselves and it is time we take our safety seriously.

Recently, I attended a women’s conference and came across the booth of a company called Female Defense Products. I was immediately intrigued. While the majority of the booths catered to make-up, beauty products and clothes (and there is nothing wrong with that), I thought it was very smart to have a booth about women’s safety.

Emily is the Sales Manager at Female Defense Products. The information she shared was very valuable.

Female Defense Products was founded by a young entrepreneur named Madison Ryffel. Madison is a graduate of Texas Christian University. As a college student, she was alarmed at how frequently women were assaulted and attacked. Madison saw an opportunity to help women protect themselves and raise awareness. Thus, Female Defense Products was born.

At the conference, I spoke with Emily and Charles. I’ve always been interested in a stun gun. However, with my periodic clumsiness, I was concerned that I would end up shocking myself. Emily explained that there are products that have a two-step process for activating shock. This decreases the chance of hurting yourself while trying to protect yourself.

When it comes to your safety, there are plenty of non-lethal options to keep in mind. Here are a few products to consider and they can all be found on


The Guard Dog iStun

istun phone image
Photo Credit:

This clever device looks just like a real phone!  The design provides a discreet way to carry a stun gun. It is stylish, lightweight and packs power.  The iStun can also be used as a decoy if you are robbed for your cell phone. Hand the robber the iStun. They will be disappointed later to know that the phone is fake but, that is what they get.   

SabreRed Drink Test Kit

Photo Credit:

This drink test is easy to carry and easy to use.  This product tests for the “date rape” drug which can include the chemicals GHB or Kematine. Place drops of your beverage on the designated areas of the test. If either area changes colors, then the “date rape” drug has been detected. The SabreRed Drink Test Kit can be an important tool in preventing sexual assault.

Mace KeyGuard Pepper Spray

pepper spray
Photo Credit:

Pepper spray does not disappoint. Spray this in your attackers face and it will cause them extreme discomfort. The product causes the skin to burn, eyes to shut and disrupts the respiratory system. Please keep pepper spray out of the reach of children.  If you come in contact with pepper spray by accident, immediately was the affected area with cool water and get fresh air as soon as possible.

Female Defense Products has made it even easier to protect yourself by offering 20% off your next order. Use code:FDP20. I am unsure how long this offer will last, but it would be wise to take advantage as quickly as possible. Stay stylish and stay safe!

floral background wh


If imitation is a form of flattery, then the young ladies of Workshop Houston have found a sincere way to appreciate those they admire. Crystal Green, the Style Shop Coordinator at Workshop Houston, recently asked her students to pick someone they admired and wanted to learn more about. Once the young ladies made their selections, an interesting change took place. With a little creativity and a thrift store shopping spree, these young ladies transformed into the very people they admired.


Happy as Lupita Nyong’o – Photo credit: JT photo graphics / The Woodlands Camera Club  – Makeup Artist: The Glamour Projects
Shelbi as Helen Williams  – Photo credit: JT photo graphics / The Woodlands Camera Club – Makeup Artist: The Glamour Projects
Alyssa as Oprah Winfrey  – Photo credit: JT photo graphics / The Woodlands Camera Club – Makeup Artist: The Glamour Projects
Rachel as Jill Scott – Photo credit: JT photo graphics / The Woodlands Camera Club – Makeup Artist: The Glamour Projects
Bridget as Nina Simone – Photo credit: JT photo graphics / The Woodlands Camera Club- Makeup Artist: The Glamour Projects

These young ladies worked hard to make this photo shoot an ultimate success. In addition to creating their costumes and doing research, they had to practice poses and facial expressions to get the shot just right. To say that these students are talented would be an understatement. They used their imagination and resources to successfully execute a powerful project. These images should be a message to us all that we can achieve any goal and be whatever we want to be. To the young ladies of Workshop Houston, thank you for inspiring us all and keep up the great work!

To learn more about Workshop Houston, please visit


To say that 2016 has been interesting would be an understatement. There were definitely some wonderful moments that made us beam with pride. There were also moments when we wanted to hide under the bed and stay there forever! Regardless of the highs and lows of the past three hundred and sixty-something days, it is now time to move forward. Let us look to 2017 with hope and optimism as we make those promises to ourselves that we affectionately call “resolutions”.

Making New Year’s resolutions gives us an opportunity to be honest about the things we need to improve upon. These improvements almost always include ideas of weight loss, career aspirations and relationship goals. However, it might be wise to consider adding personal style to this list. With the New Year comes a new attitude that may need to be accompanied by a new look! Jump start 2017 with the promise to pay more attention to your personal style. Your style is an outer reflection of your inner creativity. Below are a few ideas to help you make your New Year STYLE resolutions!

Resolve to Make and Keep your Health a Priority
Being ill is never fun. And, it doesn’t matter how cute your clothes are on the outside if you don’t feel well on the inside. It is important to look AND feel like a million bucks.  Take better care of yourself and make your health a priority. To borrow from Jidenna, you don’t want your best dressed day in a casket.


Resolve to Clean Out Your Closet
This activity is usually reserved for springtime. But, it never hurts to get a head start. Begin 2017 with decluttering your closet! Define your personal style by getting rid of the clothes you never wear. There are probably items sitting in your closet that you haven’t worn in years! Do some good and give those clothes to a local non-profit organization. There are plenty of people in need that will appreciate your donation.

Resolve to Find a Great Tailor
A great tailor is your wardrobe’s best friend! A tailor can help you save money by repairing and altering your clothing. Why spend money when a tailor can adjust your garment to look as good as new?

Resolve to Dress for Your Body Type
For example, if your shoulders are wider than your hips, you may want to consider wearing items that emphasize the lower half of your body. Perhaps an A-line skirt will do the trick. On the other hand, if your hips are wider than the top half of your body, try adding volume to the tops you wear. Layering a blouse with a cute vest or adding a scarf to your outfit might balance out the look.

Resolve to Accessorize
Often times, what you need to elevate an outfit are some beautiful accessories. A statement necklace or an adorable clutch bag can take your look from zero to 100! Take a look through our online boutique for some amazing items to add to your jewelry box!


Resolve to Try a New Hairstyle
A new cut and color may be just what you need to start the New Year! Don’t be afraid to try something bold and new.  Coco Chanel stated that, “A women who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” A new hairdo represents a new beginning. Let 2017 be the year you give your locks a new look.

Resolve to Take Better Care of Your Skin
A wise woman once said,” I don’t spend much on clothes, but I will invest in skin care products. Great skin goes with any outfit!” Your skin is a great asset. Care for it wisely.  When you have great skin, your makeup doesn’t have to work as hard. Drink more water, eat more vegetables, and moisturize! These are simple tips to follow to help improve your skin.


Resolve to Plan Your Outfits the Night Before
Why is this important? Because, it is a time saver! Setting out your clothes the night before allows you to creatively put an outfit together without having to rush. How often have we wasted time sifting through a mountain of clothes complaining that we have nothing to wear?  In 2017, let’s get more organized and plan out the outfits that reflect our personal style.

Resolve to Invest in Wardrobe Staples
There are a few items that should serve as the foundation of your wardrobe. These flexible items allow you to create multiple style options. A few closet staples include a tailored blazer, a white button-down shirt, a great pair of jeans, a pair of flats, black pants, a little black dress and a great pair of high heels.


Resolve to Improve Your Attitude
A positive attitude is always your best accessory regardless of what brand of clothes your wear. If you have a nasty attitude, there is no piece of clothing or shade of makeup that will make you lovely. True beauty comes from within.  Resolve to enter 2017 with a positive and cheerful attitude. Set the example of what true glamour should be.

Have a very Happy New Year!
Robyn Alright



Source: Pinterest

Business professional does not have to mean boring professional. Embrace your inner boss lady with this sophisticated look. Let everyone know that you have brains, beauty and leadership skills!

This look is the best of both worlds because it is classic and chic. A fitted black top matched with a houndstooth skirt is a modern nod to traditional professional attire. Did you know that the houndstooth pattern originated during the 1800’s in Scotland? Originally worn by shepherds, the print eventually became associated with the more affluent. It rapidly gained popularity after high-end fashion designers began to use the print in their creations.

This ensemble could easily be paired with flats or heels. However, the knee-high boots take this outfit to another level of fierceness. Perfect for the fall season, a pair of bossy boots are always welcomed.

The real jewel of this outfit is the hot pink overcoat! The style of this coat and the vibrant color says, “WARNING: Boss lady coming through!” The pop of color against the black and white houndstooth is simply perfection.  A black and white pattern with a splash of color is almost always a formula for a great look. Keep this in mind when creating your Boss Lady look!


Let’s be honest. It can get real out here in these streets! In between the daily grind and reaching for your hopes and dreams, it can feel like you are being pulled by war horses going in opposite directions.  It’s tough holding down a day job while growing your side hustle to the point where you can LEAVE your day job. Before work, lunch break, after work and weekends you are the conductor of the hustle train. If this sounds like you, then you understand the importance of being ready for those next level opportunities.  So how does one stay stylish while hustlin’ like a superhero? Here are a few points to keep you working hard without looking like you’ve been hit by a bus.

Separates are Your Savior:  Flexibility is a must for the modern day hustlers. Styling yourself in separates allows you to change your look in an instant. This is important for when you need to sneak off to an interview or networking event. Adding a blazer or changing your shoes can lift a casual look to business professional. Filling your wardrobe with interchangeable items multiplies and expands your range of options.

separates-for-post-3Keep a Style Kit in Your Car: You have a spare tire, you have an emergency kit. Why not have a style kit in your car? This is tremendously convenient for the days you have marathon meetings around town. Here are a few items your kit should include: dressy flats, jewelry (shop our online store), hair accessories, safety pins, and a sewing kit. Also, it never hurts to keep a lint roller, toiletries and a stain remover nearby. If you are a mega style warrior, you might even keep and extra set of clothes for emergencies.

Try LipSense: You may remember me raving about LipSense. Well, you get to hear it again. Ripping and running throughout the day, your make-up tends to fade, especially your lipstick. LipSense is a lip color that can stay on from 4 to 18 hours! Perfect for when you are on the go and running your mouth in meetings. Wearing LipSense, you can be confident that you look great while communicating your brilliant ideas.


Plan Outfits Ahead of Time: This may sound rudimentary, but you definitely feel the consequences when you are not prepared. How often have we wasted 20 minutes of our morning rummaging through our closets trying to put together an outfit for an important meeting? Or, have you ever wasted time looking for a piece of clothing only to remember that it is still at the cleaners? Preparation leads to productivity. When you know what you are going to wear ahead of time, you are less stressed and better prepared for the occasion, whatever it may be.  When you are in hustle mode, you have no time to waste. Plan your look ahead of time in an effort to save it.

Last But Not Least, Take the Time to Treat Yo’self: Burnout is never a good look. While you are conquering the world, make sure you make time to replenish your energy. Self-care, whether it is emotional, physical, or mental, is just as important as making sure that your eye brows are even. It does no good if you are flawless on the outside and falling apart on the inside. Make the time to appreciate yourself. It can be as small getting your favorite cup of coffee or taking a power nap. You could take a few minutes to flip through your favorite fashion magazine or go outside for a walk. Whatever takes you away from the madness of the hustle, do it! It keeps you mentally healthy and energized for the next challenge. 

treat-yo-selfUntil next time, my friends, keep hustlin’ in style!
Robyn Alright

Loretta Williams Gurnell, President and Founder of Super Lady Live

RMS: What was your motivation for starting the SUPERLady LIVE MOVEMENT?

LWG: My motivation to start SUPERLady LIVE MOVEMENT came through a song that I didn’t know I needed to write.  You see, the melody wouldn’t leave me.  It was my peace for at the time, I wasn’t feeling SUPER, loving SUPER, giving SUPER or trusting SUPER.  My life was pretty discombobulated to say the least.  My immediate family and I had some hard times.  Job loss, downsize, not enough money to even meet the ends but we still kept going and I still kept showing up and sometimes broke and broken!  My mom was seriously ill and I, at the time, was 22 hours away from her and my visits were too far apart.  My greatest fear was that my babies wouldn’t remain whole but my faith carried me through.  I saw ladies just like me … FAKING it terribly! I could relate because if I told, people wouldn’t believe my God had my back.  But I had to press anyway.

I kept asking questions.  I wanted more. I performed the song, “SUPERLady” all across the country. The first time was opening for Lisa Ling for a national women’s business conference. But sometimes even when I sang it, was singing it to me just to get back home in my right mind.  See when you are a “public figure” sometimes your audience forgets that you struggle, you have pain, you have setbacks and believe it or not, sometimes you don’t want to show-up but you do.   At the end of the day, I wanted women/ladies to know that they can be SUPER while becoming transformed.  It’s a process that becomes a lifestyle.  It’s how you handle the process to get out of the process that makes you SUPER.

RMS: The motto is “What we do today determines how we shine tomorrow.” Explain why that is so important for our success.

LWG: Many times we find ourselves, as ladies, trying to just get through the day instead of planning the day or speaking over your day.  Think about ‘forgetting those things behind and pressing toward the mark.’  Now, no matter where your faith lies, it’s applicable to everything we do.  For example, when we choose to pick-up baggage, it becomes trash pretty fast and we know what trach does, it stinks because it rots.  It stinks up every area of our lives.  So imagine planning the day where you meet goals and gain skills. Hmmm, how does that sound?  So in other words, your day cannot be filled with just tasks.  You must prioritize your day with tasks to meet a goal and training to strengthen your skillset.  You do this once a day for 30 days and watch that become your way of living.  Imagine that kind of life!

RMS: What has been the greatest success story to evolve from the work of SLLM?

LWG: I believe to date, my greatest success story is that I wrote the song “SUPERLady” when it was a tough time for me mentally.  I think back to the day and what I looked like, felt like and where we were.  When people ask about my beginning or the impact we’ve made, I think, just think if I had not written the song. There would be plenty of lives not empowered because I didn’t have enough faith to move!  For example, I recently learned that her attendance to our Spring Essential Tools, one of our attendees registered for today’s training, Sept 29 had an idea that was birthed and now her idea is a conference that will launch Oct. 1, 2016!  How cool is this?

RMS: What is the best advice you ever received and how have you used that advice in your life to help others?

LWG: The best advice I’ve received comes from my 82 year young godmother, Mrs. Dorothy Mae Smothers.  During my engagement and one of her wisdom talks, she shared, “Loretta, don’t start nothing you don’t want to finish.”  Now mind you, she was referring to the things of my marriage.  However, I took that note and have applied it to multiple areas of my life.  It’s guided me through my marriage, job placements, job assignments, business development, business relationships, motherhood, friendships, etc.  It’s a part of my best business practice and believe me, it’s GREAT advice.  I D.A.R.E. you to try it!

RMS: In addition to SLLM you have SUPERGirls SHINE Foundation.  How does SGSF help young ladies develop their leadership skills?


LWG: As founding president, I find it definitely refreshing to be able to engage, develop and empower girls to their own SHINE through SUPERGirl Table Talks, SUPERGirl EXP and STEM Days. The first thing we do is explain why it is so important for young ladies to develop self-care, personal interest and good choices along with prepared language.

RMS: How does SLLM plan to expand in the future?

LWG: SUPERLady LIVE MOVEMENT plans to expand in the future by staying true to our Theme: “TOGETHER We Are STRONG.”  We accomplish this with mentoring women as we BUILD you to GROW your business to increase PROFITS, Essential Tools!  It’s a lifestyle.  We also believe in strategic alliances that align with our core values.  In building relationships, we listen and the respond.  Lastly, our goal setting is real. We plan, process, develop and execute.  And we also adjust when needed and have no problem removing things and relationships in order to maintain a healthiness that greatly benefits our community.

RMS: Share your thoughts on inner beauty and letting your light shine. 

LWG: Inner beauty is something that is revealed with your journey.  Every step counts and forgiveness is definitely a part of that journey.  Embrace your journey and all that comes with it and watch your light shine.  Don’t be quick to speak but faithful to listen.  Share your story and be authentic.  Believe that there are people assigned to you and those who aren’t, it’s okay.  It’s not your journey.  Lastly, believe none of this will not work without faith that goes beyond days that you don’t even understand. For me, it’s my faith in God that keeps me grounded to know and live that all things work together for the good of them who love God and are called according to His purpose, Romans 8:28.