Photo Courtesy of Michael Terance

The number one thing you should know about Michael Terance is that he is not going to do a half-ass job.  He is a competitor. And as an emerging rapper and recording artist, Michael is using his strength and determination to make it to the top. “I like to work hard and work better than the next man. Nothing was ever handed to me.  I’ll work to get to where I definitely need to be and if I don’t, then I’ll die trying,” Michael declared.  With that type of grit and determination, Michael Terance may very well be on the road to stardom.

Photo Courtesy of Michael Terance

Michael got his start as a rapper at the age of 17. He started taking his art seriously right after high school. Heavily influenced by hip hop, rap, R&B, and soul music, Michael was inspired to develop a style of his own.

“After I graduated, another rapping friend of mine, Sam Wise, built a home studio from scratch. He went above and beyond for the both of us and we would just sit there and have writing sessions. Every week we’d make a new song and when the time felt like both of us were ready, we started dropping mix-tapes and dope songs,” Michael said.

Photo Courtesy of Michael Terance


Photo Courtesy of Michael Terance

One of the fastest ways to get results is to enjoy the process. For Michael, the process of creating a song is what he enjoys most about his work. “For me, I take my time writing. I never rush. I’d take as long as 1 day to 3 or 4 months.

I’m really focused and in the zone on how I like the songs to come out,” Michael explains. “I remember when I made the song A1, that process was about a month. 3 days of writing it at my house but a whole lot of days recording it,” says Michael. During the process, Michael takes in a huge amount of feedback and that is what pushes him to grind even harder.  

Photo Courtesy of Michael Terance

Beyond rapping, Michael enjoys making beats and sampling old school music. He is also an avid basketball player and enjoys video production and photography. He loves spending time with his family as they are usually the first audience to hear his new music. “I love the look on their faces when I show them one of my songs. When they get to bobbing their head, that means they approve. Seeing a smile on their face going to the groove makes me want to make more songs,” says Michael.

Photo Courtesy of Michael Terance

“The best advice I ever received from a good friend was to keep going with the music. Even when you have bad days, keep going,” Michael shared, “I was also told to be myself.  Never let the industry change you.”

To learn more about of Michael’s growth as an artist, follow him on Instagram @Mikeyballout, Facebook @Michael Terance, and Snapchat @lilmikeyballout.

Photographer: Jon Robert @jonrobertphotography

“I just felt it was the path I needed to go down as it was my true passion.”  For Jon Robert, fashion photography was that path. Jon knew that he wanted more, not just for himself, but also for his family.  As a hardworking father of 2 kids, it was important for him to create the freedom to turn his true passion into a successful business.

Photographer: Jon Robert @jonrobertphotography Model: Liv Gray@livgrayx


Photographer: Jon Robert @jonrobertphotography Model: Kirsty Ryan(@modelkirstyryan)

Jon is fortunate to live in the beautiful coastal town of Ayr in the UK. Located just southwest of Scotland, Ayr is filled with beautiful scenery that would be a delight for any photographer. Jon is able to use his surroundings to create astounding images for  his clients and fashion models.

Photographer:Jon Robert @jonrobertphotography Model: Rachel Rice(@rachelricee)

“I like to think through my photography,” Jon shares, “I manage to bring out the true emotion of the person I am working with.” Jon is able to capture this emotion because he genuinely takes the time to learn about who he is photographing. “I get to know things about them and try and create the type of image that if someone asked them to describe themselves in one way, they could go to one of my images and show them and words wouldn’t have to be used,” Jon explained.  

Photographer: Jon Robert @jonrobertphotography Model: Tori Rose @torirosefitness

Bringing out the confidence in others is what Jon does best. He does this by creating a fun and comfortable environment. When you are on set with Jon, you can expect lots of music and lots of laughter. Jon admits that he sometimes forgets that he is doing a job. That seems to be what happens when you are doing what you truly love. His models and clients respond positively to his energy and they are always happy with the results.  

Photographer: Jon Robert @jonrobertphotography Model: Amber Lilly @amberlillymodel

“I have always gone into things with a positive attitude,” Jon says, “There are a lot of people in this world who will try knock you down when you are doing something you love or are being successful with. Just surround yourself with people who have the same passion and fire as you and never restrict yourself with anything.”

Be sure to follow Jon on IG and FB @jonrobertphotography. His website is coming soon at


Model: Angela Wcislo, Hmua Model Photographer & Retoucher: Robert Campbell

Robert Campbell is a Scottish photographer who expresses his creativity through fashion photography. As a child, Robert always displayed artistic talent while growing up in a mining village in the Southwest of Scotland.  

Robert Campbell, Fashion Photographer

However, it was on his 47th birthday that photography became his artistic medium of choice. “I like the diversity of the medium which allows me to undertake all different types of genres with fashion being one of these,” Campbell shares, “ I came to photography late and soon realized it was my passion with the last 3 years of my life being devoted to it.”

Model: Miguel Martin, Hmua Model Photographer & Retoucher: Robert Campbell

On his 47th birthday, Campbell’s friend was selling his DSLR camera and his wife generously got it for him under one condition: that he learned how to use it and didn’t give up. “From that moment on there was no looking back,” Campbell said. He did everything he could from watching online video tutorials to just going out and shooting to learn the difference in lighting, depth, and composition.

His hard work and dedication paid off. Over the past three years, Robert’s popularity has grown and he has earned a reputation as one of Scotland’s rising stars in fashion photography.

Model: Chloe Bella Armstrong, Hmua Model Photographer & Retoucher: Robert Campbell

Campbell says that fashion photography allowed him to follow his passion. His work not only showcases the model and the clothes, but also the city which gives his photos depth.

“I enjoy photography because it has given me a chance to look at the world around me with fresh eyes every single day. It has allowed me to capture a moment that will last forever, that tells a story and brings out emotion in me and others,” Campbell expressed.

Mode:l Ziggy Model, HMUA Model Photographer: Robert Campbell

Campbell is always working to improve his craft. In his line of work, he understands that what one person perceives as beautiful, another may not. He sees it as his job to do more than capture clothes. Campbell’s goal is to capture character and ensure that you see positivity in every photograph.

To see more of his work, follow him on FB or on IG @rob_campbell_01 .


DSC_0160 cover

By Robyn Alright

KaJhé is a hardworking young lady.  As a full-time student with two jobs, she is driven to ensure that her dreams become reality. Her schedule is almost always booked. Even with a busy lifestyle, KaJhé never neglects her personal style and appreciation for creativity.

DSC_0054 rms
Photography by Robyn Alright

DSC_0147 rms

DSC_0307 rms

KaJhé’s is a multi-talented artist with great fashion sense.  She enjoys singing, acting, dancing and modeling. Her style is just as diverse as her creative interests. She can easily transition from an edgy tomboyish look to an elegant, high-class boss lady.

DSC_0206 rms

DSC_0176 rms

Her ultimate goal is to work in the fashion industry and build a brand that gives back to the community. “I want to help others and give back as I build my platform. I want to be someone that resembles a symbol of positivity and hope. I plan on using myself as a doorway that opens up nothing but opportunities for others,” KaJhé shared.

DSC_0402 rms

DSC_0379 rms

DSC_0391 rms

KaJhé embraces self-improvement and always keeps an eye on influencers in the fashion industry. “A continuous vision of people doing what I love helps me to push myself. It helps me to become better at what I strive to do,” KaJhé explained.

Her faith is what keeps her focused. “The best advice I’ve ever received is to never lose faith or sight in God. Without Him my soon to be reality would remain a dream,” she says.

It is easy to see that this young lady is going places. Jump on the band wagon early and follow her on Instagram @_Keer_Sten_.



audrey header

By Robyn Alright

Take one look at Audrey and it is easy to see that she is an elegant young lady. Look a little closer and you will see that her beauty is more than skin deep. “Without confidence, others define your worth, your capabilities and the thoughts you have about yourself.  It is very important to be confident for the sake of setting your own standards and belief systems,” Audrey expressed. In every way, Audrey shows that inner beauty is an inspirational force.

Audrey (13)1
Photography by Robyn Alright

Audrey (17)1

Audrey is an aspiring model, fashion designer and entrepreneur. She has a vision to create quality clothing that is affordable and timeless. Such ambitious goals require great motivation. Audrey keeps herself motivated by thinking positively and staying active. “There is this crazy good feeling I get when I set a task for myself and achieve it.  This feeling propels me to complete anything I set my mind to,” Audrey shares.

Audrey (18)1

Audrey (19)1

Behind Audrey’s graceful demeanor, there is a little bit of a tomboy that has an affinity for super cars and classic cars. She enjoys playing the piano, playing tennis, watching anime and playing video games. She describes her personal style as a mixture of elegance and edginess. Shopping is another one of Audrey’s hobbies. Don’t be surprised if you find her wandering around H&M, Zara or Nordstrom!

Audrey (21)1

Audrey (23)1

When asked what inner beauty means to her, Audrey had this to say, “To me, inner beauty is the kindness, warmth and strength you give to others without expecting anything back. We are all capable of having inner beauty. It’s a force that inspires, and drives goodness in this world. Understanding our own inner beauty and allowing it to shine is quite the force to be reckoned with.”

Audrey believes in living your life the way you want to. “You have to live your life the way that will make YOU proud and feel at peace. Put aside the thoughts and expectations of others. Do some solid research on what’s out there and choose something you will love waking up to every day,” Audrey explains. She is a firm believer that we all have to power to pave our own pathway. Perhaps, we should believe that too.

Follow Audrey on Instagram @audreyutti.

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Photographer: @junjdm

By Robyn Alright

Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.  Take one look at Queyoun and his style speaks volumes.  Almost immediately, one can tell that this dapper gentleman is confident and cerebral. He’s a classic man.

Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram
Photographer: @junjdm

As a professional in the field of education, Queyoun could teach us all a lesson in style.  It would definitely be an upper-level class where prerequisites apply. Professor Q would need you to come in knowing the basics as his style is undoubtedly elevated.

Photographer: @junjdm
Photographer: @junjdm

Don’t let the suit fool you, Queyoun has some moves. He is an avid basketball player and trainer. Queyoun makes being athletic and stylish look easy. Try defending him and you might end up with broken ankles.


Photographer: @junjdm
Photographer:@ junjdm

Queyoun carries himself with dignity and self-respect. He puts unlimited effort into making sure his style communicates exactly who he is.  He has a great sense of fashion and a decent beard too.

Follow on IG @Queyoun.

Katie (29) header

By Robyn Alright

It is my pleasure to present to some and introduce to others, Houston model, Katie Smith!  

Becoming a model was not an initial part of Katie’s plans.  However, a friend needed her to model for a brand.  Katie was a little uncertain, but she went ahead and took the gig. That is when the modeling bug bit!  After the photo shoot, she explored more opportunities to model and eventually was signed to an agency.

Katie has big hopes to expand her brand beyond modeling.  Her desire is to grow into photography, blogging and eventually fashion design. With a Master’s degree in Entertainment Technology, her creative skills are unlimited.

Katie shares her story with Rocky Mae Style™ and gives excellent advice to anyone considering the modeling profession.

Katie (13)
Photography by Robyn Alright

RMS:  What inspires your creativity?
KS:      Everything!  I continually seek out inspiration to keep my creative fires going.  I love traveling, learning about history and cultures, frequenting art museums, exploring boutiques, seeing as much live music and live performance as possible, attending events, and connecting with other creatives.

RMS:   When you are not involved in fashion, what are some of your other interest or hobbies?
KS:      Art and music are my loves.  I try to absorb as much visual imagery of all kinds as possible.  I’m a graphic designer, so I nerd about graphic layouts, typography, and color theory.  I sing occasional open mic nights and follow friends’ bands.  

Katie (14)

Katie (17)

RMS:   How do you stay motivated to reach your goals?
KS:       I like to surround myself with positive people who are equally as passionate about pursuing their goals.  You can’t operate in a vacuum.  You need a community.  For me it is as much about connecting and supporting others’ goals as it is about pursuing my own.  Other creatives growing and building their brands give me so much hope and inspiration to grow my own.

RMS:  Where do you like to shop?
KS:      I am a brand loyalist and have a few brands that I adore.  Lane Bryant, Lineagewear, Torrid, and Eloquii are my favorites.  I am completely biased towards brands that support plus size, even though now at a size 12/14 I can crossover into brands that only extend up to a 12/14.  If you didn’t want me to wear your clothes when I was a size 28, I’m not so sure I want to wear your clothes now that I have more options.       

Katie (25)

Katie (26)

RMS:  What words of wisdom would you give other inspiring models?
KS:     Don’t take it personally.  The goal of the industry is to sell clothes, not to make you a star.  Think of it like a businessperson.  Brands and designers are your clients and you need to be the look they want, have the skills they need and act like a professional.  You won’t be a good fit for all brands and all designers, and that is ok.  You will face a lot of rejection, harsh criticisms about your looks, and you have to find a place within yourself to be ok with that.

 I think some aspiring models get into it for a confidence boost, but actually it will shake your confidence to its core.  You have to love yourself first.  If the industry finds you to be a marketable product they can use for their purposes of selling clothes, then great.  If not, then let your passions take you in a different direction.  Give it a shot if you’ve got the drive, but given how few models actually make a living modeling, I wouldn’t advise anyone to make it their only career goal.

RMS:   What is the best advice you ever received?
KS:       Learn to rest, not give up.  You will get kicked down, face failures, and be discouraged.  Step back, look at the big picture, re-strategize how to reach your goals.  Find support and keep going. 

Katie (1)

Katie (3)

RMS:  Share your view on the importance of being confident and having inner beauty.
KS:      Beauty is so subjective.  If you live for validation from others to feel beautiful then you are giving away your power.  It really is none of your business whether or not someone else finds you beautiful.  You cannot be all things to all people and not everyone is going to see your beauty.  Find the things in yourself that you love and hold on to that tight.  If you love yourself, it radiates out to the world as confidence, and confidence in more attractive than superficial beauty.

RMS:  Is there anything else that you would like to share?         
KS:      I’m often told “You’re too small for plus size”, even though at a 12/14 I am definitely in the plus size range.  I have been plus size my entire adult life and before losing 140 lbs. I was a size 28.  I have been every size of plus size.  It is very much a part of my identity and I love being a part of the plus sized community.


For more information or to book Katie, visit Follow her on Facebook and IG @modelkatiesmith.

jenny cover

Having a conversation with Ms. Victor is like having a pep talk with your very own motivational speaker. As an entrepreneur and model, she is a force of inspiration.  She uses her brains and beauty to challenge others, especially women, to recognize their self-worth and value. “We are mainly focused on the outside and forget the internal space,” Ms. Victor shares.  She is a testament to the fact that true beauty comes from within.

Jenny (1)
Photos by Robyn Alright

Jenny (4)

It is no secret that Ms. Victor loves to model. She is in her element when walking on the runway. “I feel confident that I’m giving the crowd the best show with class, style and grace,” Ms. Victor says.

For all of the upcoming models and fashionistas, here is Ms. Victor’s message to you, “Do it, regardless of your look, your height, your weight.  There is a market for you.  The wonderful thing about being you is that you no one can do you the way you do you. It’s beautiful seeing a wide range of individuals that can bring something fun, unique and new to the table. Don’t ever let the doubt of uncertainty cloud your mind. That will keep you from living.  Don’t let your dreams die still clutched to your heart.  Go for it!”

Jenny (21)

Jenny (23)

Two things that Ms. Victor enjoys outside of modeling is Broadway and belly dancing! She swears that belly dancing is a liberating experience and that every lady should try it at least once. “It’s sensual, electrifying and it awakens your inner divinity. It will change your life!” says Ms. Victor.  Regarding Broadway, who knows, me might just see her in The Lion King someday!

 Jenny (24)

Jenny (27)1

Ms. Victor stays balanced by meditating, reading and listening to classical music. She enjoys spending time with her family and running her business.  She is ambitious, adventurous and motivated to win.  “I live my life with intention and purpose. Tomorrow isn’t promise to me. I have much to gain and little to lose. My future depends on the work I’m willing to put in today. I have an example to set for the ones coming after me,” Ms. Victor said.

To learn more about Ms. Victor, visit her website, For the Royals, and be sure to follow her @iamneima on IG.


Van (6) - Copy

Van is an active guy with a dapper sense of style. He enjoys various activities that include cycling, swimming and strength training. On top of all that, Van loves to model. “It keeps me sharp and allows me to learn and grow in directions different than my everyday life. I also enjoy meeting and interacting with the variety of people involved in photography and modeling.”

Van (5)
Photography by Robyn Alright

Van (9)

Van is not shy. Once he modeled nude with several other models in front of a large group of people. That takes confidence.

Van (4)

Van (14)

Van lives by the motto: Work smart, not hard. He proves that it is never too late to chase a dream.

Elizabeth (2) - Copy


If you ask Beth for life advice, she is going to tell you one thing, “Go big or go home.” This is the attitude that has helped Beth achieve her goals as a working model. It is evident that her strength and determination has paid off.

Elizabeth (4)
Photography by Robyn Alright

Elizabeth (5)

“My personal style is very versatile. I like to wear both ends up the spectrum. For example, I like to wear either very formal clothes or workout clothes. I like classic looks and bold/unique jewelry,” Beth shared.

Elizabeth (7)

Beth said, “I believe you should put all of everything you have into what you do. The only thing you’ll regret is missed opportunities.”

Elizabeth (13)

Elizabeth (11)Be sure to follow Beth on Instagram @beeisforbeth.