Salvaged Assembly Show

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By Robyn Alright

Playing cards, old newspapers, spoons and Q-Tips. These are not your average fashion materials. But, put them in the hands of talented fashion students, you could end up with wearable high fashion garments! This was clearly proved at the Salvaged Assembly fashion show. Fashion design students at Houston Community College created jaw-dropping looks out of recycled and salvaged material.

To say that the designs were amazing would be an understatement. Many of the looks were beautiful, functional and made from unconventional materials. Take a look at some of the best looks from the show.

Photography by Robyn Alright

The  talented students at Houston Community College have another show coming up entitled Fashion Fusion. It will take place on January 11, 2018. For more information on Fashion Fusion, click here.


Modern Romance Wedding Show

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By Robyn Alright

Houston brides-to-be had a chance to view some of the most elegant bridal gowns at the Modern Romance Wedding Show.  Modern Luxury Weddings of Houston produced a glorious show featuring designs from Impression Bridal and Canali. Here are some of the best looks from the fashion show.

Photography by Robyn Alright

To learn more about Modern Luxury Weddings, visit

Review of Manolo: The Boy Who Made Shoes for Lizards

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By Robyn Alright

If you look up shoes in the thesaurus, don’t be surprised if Manolos is listed as a legitimate synonym. Manolo Blahnik is a fashion icon and legendary shoe designer.

Recently, a documentary was released about his life entitled Manolo: The Boy Who Made Shoes for Lizards. The title is catchy and true. As a young boy growing up in the Canary Islands, Manolo used the foil wrapping from chocolate candies to create shoes for lizards. While this brought him much delight, the lizard might not have been so pleased.

The documentary reveals Manolo’s funny, witty and charismatic personality. However, it was surprising to learn that this fashion genius can also be reserved and reticent.   He doesn’t like crowds, prefers to be alone and had objections to filming a documentary in the first place. Thankfully, the director, Micheal Roberts is a good friend.  Roberts was able to capture Manolo in a way that his admirers might not have ever seen.

This documentary is a must see and is playing in select cities. Check your local listings or visit here for more information.

African Fashion Week with Atem Orock

atem orock afw

By Atem Orock

It’s been a few weeks now since The African Fashion week event took place in Houston, but boy did it leave a lasting impression! Designers from all over the city of Houston came together to showcase some of their best work. There were prints cut in all shapes, sizes, and styles that you could only dream of. The amount of talent that was seen during this event is definitely one to write about.



Already at year 4 and counting, AFW is an annual event that brings fashion to you in the most entertaining way.  Every year, we are left wanting more.  With amazing DJs playing good Afro beats and good food, this event is not one to miss. The beauty of their fashion shows is the use of all size models. No one is left out and you can actually see outfits on the runway that could go in your closet right away. With the cool music, the beautifully designed outfits, and the coolest parties, AFW is easily one of the most fun event during this time of the year. If you missed this year, don’t worry, year 5 is around the corner!


Kudos to the AFW team for a job well done. We can’t wait for the next edition. View more photos, here.  Don’t forget to follow @rockymaestyle on social media and follow me on Instagram @happyme_20.  Stay tuned, more fashion news coming your way.

AFW Houston 2017 FOSE Kitoko Fashion Show

AFWHKitokoBy Robyn Alright

African Fashion Week Houston came to a grand close with the FOSE Kitoko Fashion Show.  The Houston Rental Studio in Houston’s EADO District set the scene for talented designers to display their works of art. Local celebrities in attendance were Ashley Turner, daughter of Mayor Sylvester Turner; Joy Sewing, fashion writer and radio personality; and Kim Roxie, founder of LAMIK Cosmetics.

Fashion brands represented that evening included Adeàrà, Kachi Designs, Nma Couture, Onyii & Co., PR Customs and Rocky Boston. Student designers from the Art Institute Houston were also present to show off their fashion skills. Take a look at these amazing designs.

Photos by Robyn Alright

View more footage from African Fashion Fashion Week here. To see styles from the Ankara Seasons 4 Fashion Show, click here. For more information about African Fashion Week, visit

AFW Houston 2017 Ankara 4 Seasons Fashion Show

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By Robyn Alright

The runway was filled with colorful prints and bold patterns at the Ankara 4 Seasons Fashion Show. This show was just one of the exciting events that filled the schedule for African Fashion Week Houston 2017. Fashionistas from all over the city gathered to view immaculate art by talented designers.

Fashion houses on display were Culture Market, Effects Couture, Kachi Designs, Classic Beginnings, Ask Detola and MasterPiece Boutique.


Photography by Robyn Alright

Click here to see our video coverage of African Fashion Week and click here to see more styles from the FOSE Kitoko Fashion Show.  For more information, visit

Wearing Johnny Was

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By Robyn Alright

If Boho-chic is your style, then Johnny Was is your store. The brand launched in 1987 and was named from a line in a Bob Marley song, “Johnny was a good man”.  The idea was to share luxurious vintage and bohemian clothing that was universal and timeless. Many of the pieces feature effortless silhouettes and exquisite fabrics. Johnny was is definitely for the lady that loves both comfort and style.


When you walk into the store, you are inundated with color and creativity. Warning: the urge to buy everything may come upon you! One of the first things you may notice are the stunning kimonos. They are elegant, regal and fit for a queen.


The embroidery on the bags are unmatched and they scream boho-chic! These bags are the perfect accessory to help elevate your everyday style.


Johnny Was has a collection of embroidered espadrilles that will blow your mind. The beautiful design of these slip-on shoes will have you walking on sunshine!


The Eli Necklace is so unique it is sure to turn heads. It is made from repurposed fabrics and each necklace is braided and accented with glass beads.

Johnny Was is a dream come true for anyone with an earthy and comfortable style. When you get a chance, visit a store or browse online at Thank me later.