Ms. Victor: Lady of Style and Motivation

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Having a conversation with Ms. Victor is like having a pep talk with your very own motivational speaker. As an entrepreneur and model, she is a force of inspiration.  She uses her brains and beauty to challenge others, especially women, to recognize their self-worth and value. “We are mainly focused on the outside and forget the internal space,” Ms. Victor shares.  She is a testament to the fact that true beauty comes from within.

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Photos by Robyn Alright

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It is no secret that Ms. Victor loves to model. She is in her element when walking on the runway. “I feel confident that I’m giving the crowd the best show with class, style and grace,” Ms. Victor says.

For all of the upcoming models and fashionistas, here is Ms. Victor’s message to you, “Do it, regardless of your look, your height, your weight.  There is a market for you.  The wonderful thing about being you is that you no one can do you the way you do you. It’s beautiful seeing a wide range of individuals that can bring something fun, unique and new to the table. Don’t ever let the doubt of uncertainty cloud your mind. That will keep you from living.  Don’t let your dreams die still clutched to your heart.  Go for it!”

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Two things that Ms. Victor enjoys outside of modeling is Broadway and belly dancing! She swears that belly dancing is a liberating experience and that every lady should try it at least once. “It’s sensual, electrifying and it awakens your inner divinity. It will change your life!” says Ms. Victor.  Regarding Broadway, who knows, me might just see her in The Lion King someday!

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Ms. Victor stays balanced by meditating, reading and listening to classical music. She enjoys spending time with her family and running her business.  She is ambitious, adventurous and motivated to win.  “I live my life with intention and purpose. Tomorrow isn’t promise to me. I have much to gain and little to lose. My future depends on the work I’m willing to put in today. I have an example to set for the ones coming after me,” Ms. Victor said.

To learn more about Ms. Victor, visit her website, For the Royals, and be sure to follow her @iamneima on IG.


Kayla Nimer: Lady of Style and Uniqueness

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“It doesn’t matter what cards you’ve been dealt in life, you can still play a good game, and you can still win!” These are the wise words of Kayla Nimer, fashion blogger and aspiring model.  She describes her style as simple and chic with a little bit of edge. “I like to mix things that I’ve purchased at different points of my life and just see how they flow. It always amazes me how I can have an item that I bought years ago, or something my Mom or my grandmother wore back in the day and it can mesh perfectly with something brand new,” Kayla shares.

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Photography by Robyn Alright

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It is easy to see that Kayla is an absolute beauty. You would be surprised to know that as a youth, Kayla struggled with her self-esteem. “I am half Nigerian and half creole, but I was also raised by a white family for a portion of my life. So I was too black, too country, too skinny, and too proper. At times, I just felt like I didn’t fit in with anyone around me,” Kayla shares.

“I was teased by all the kids. I went from a predominantly white school to a predominantly black school and I struggled to find confidence in myself at both,” said, Kayla. The teen years can be tough. But one day, Kayla decided to take control of her confidence.  She took a good look in the mirror and began to tell herself that she was beautiful and that God makes no mistakes. She kept reciting positive words until she believed it. Kayla’s birth name is Nkechi which means “Gift from God”.  As she has grown older, she truly appreciates her wonderfulness and uniqueness.


Kayla (16)

Kayla (17)


There are three things that Kayla loves to do: eat, travel and be around genuine people. She is so passionate about these things, she started a Meetup group called Genuine People Unite.  The purpose of the group is to bring together people in the Houston area who wanted to meet new people who shared some of their interests. “We plan to do everything from inspiration, health and lifestyle, book clubs, open mic nights, concerts, fashion shows and travel.  “Since I’m a big foodie, we’ll definitely be checking out different restaurants,” says Kayla.


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Kayla (22)

To learn more about Kayla visit her blog at and follow her on Instagram @ayeeprettyblack.


Micaela Webster: Lady of Style and Freedom

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Here’s Micaela! She is a free-spirit with a bright personality. While her style is very casual and comfortable, she knows how to make a statement. She wears confidence like a crown and she understands the importance of natural beauty.

Micaela (2)

Photography by Robyn Alright

Micaela defines beauty as being happy with who you are. She believes that true beauty is embracing the natural you and not caring about what others may think of your appearance.

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Micaela (12)Micaela participates in activities that give her creative freedom. She enjoys photography, graphic design and will design her own clothes when inspired.  Her favorite item of clothing is a jacket she created that celebrates her culture. Keep reading to see that jacket!

Micaela (17)

Micaela (15)

Micaela (16)

Micaela has a great passion to succeed. She has refused to let difficult situations keep her from letting her light shine. To see more of Micaela, follow her on Instagram @projek_kayla. Now that jacket:

jacket final

Photo provided by Micaela Webster

Rocky Mae Gentleman: Van Belson

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Van is an active guy with a dapper sense of style. He enjoys various activities that include cycling, swimming and strength training. On top of all that, Van loves to model. “It keeps me sharp and allows me to learn and grow in directions different than my everyday life. I also enjoy meeting and interacting with the variety of people involved in photography and modeling.”

Van (5)

Photography by Robyn Alright

Van (9)

Van is not shy. Once he modeled nude with several other models in front of a large group of people. That takes confidence.

Van (4)

Van (14)

Van lives by the motto: Work smart, not hard. He proves that it is never too late to chase a dream.

Briana Evans: Lady of Style and Triumph

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Meet Briana! She is a hair stylist and makeup artist with a bright and bubbly personality. But when she steps in front of the camera, she transforms into a fierce fashionista. Briana describes her personal style as simplistic with a smidgen of pizazz. She prefers that her shoes and accessories be the focal point of her outfit. She proves that less is more and that you can look good without overdoing it.

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Photography by Robyn Alright

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The one beauty product that Briana cannot live without is one that we all should not live without: pure shea butter. “It is my all-purpose go to for beauty fixes. I seal the moisture in my curls, moisturize my skin, add pigment and shimmer to create custom lip colors and bronzer,” Briana shares.

BEvans (12)

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Just to look at Briana, one would never know that just a few years ago, she was paralyzed from the waist down. “I woke up one morning and couldn’t feel or move my legs. After weeks, the hospital the doctors didn’t know whether or not I’d ever be able to walk again. It has taken years to reach this point of recovery and it hasn’t been easy.” It has been this experience that keeps Briana motivated to reach her goals. Her story reminds us all how unpredictable life can be. We should all be encouraged to live life to fullest.

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There is no doubt the Briana is a woman of triumph. Let her story motivate you to be fierce and fearless when it comes to making your dreams a reality.


Stephanie Eaton-Henderson: Lady of Perseverance

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Stephanie’s style is fun and eclectic.  She loves to mix the old with the new and incorporate styles from different cultures. After high school, Stephanie had dreams of becoming a fashion designer or a model. A series of unfortunate events prevented that from happening. But, Stephanie is a fighter and has maintained her sense of style. 

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Photography by Robyn Alright

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“My story is not conventional,” Stephanie shares.   This is why she decided to write her book titled “My Emotional Release.” After spending years on the streets battling addiction and depression, Stephanie is getting back on her feet. Her faith in God is what keeps her motivated to persevere.

Stephanie (11)

Stephanie (13)

Stephanie will not give up on reaching her goals. She admits that it is not easy, but she is determined to help herself and others.

Stephanie (16)

Stephanie truly has an amazing story.  She is a testament to what hard work and determination can accomplish. You must find the time to read this story about her in the Houston Chronicle. To say that it is inspiring is an understatement.

Ray’Nethia Roberts:Lady of Style and Ambition

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Introducing Ray’Neithia Roberts. She is a talented model in the Houston area that is not afraid to chase after her dreams.  Ray’Nethia is more than just a pretty face. She is smart, creative and takes her modeling seriously. She is constantly looking for ways to improve her craft and that explains why her calendar is consistently booked.  We were lucky to have the opportunity to work with her. Take a look through some of her best shots from a recent photo shoot.

RayNeitha (2)

Model: Ray’Nethia Roberts Photographer: Robyn Alright

RayNeitha (5)

RayNeitha (8)

RayNeitha (12)

RMS: How do you describe your personal style?
RR: With my personal style, I’m able to fluctuate between many looks. I can go from casual to classy. My style is all around and I’m never afraid to try new things.

RMS: What do you enjoy most about being a model?
RR: I love how you can be whoever you want to be with the clothes and makeup. Traveling is awesome too. I also love the fact that you get to meet new people and learn their stories. You’d be surprised what you find out.

RayNeitha (30)

RayNeitha (26)

RayNeitha (35)

RMS: How did you get your start as a model?
RR: I was always told by family or strangers that I should model.  So, I decided to look up agencies. I found one and completed the classes. While in school, I started getting jobs instantly and fell in love.

RMS: What do you like to do in your spare time?
RR: In my spare time, I love to eat and workout. I also enjoy looking for different concepts I’d like to do for a future shoot. I am always looking for casting calls and different opportunities.

RayNeitha (38)

RayNeitha (46)

RayNeitha (42)

RMS: What is the best advice you ever received?
RR: To never give up no matter how hard things seem. Keep going.  Just because one door closes many more doors will open. Don’t be afraid to take the bull by the horns.

To see more of her work, follow Ray’Nethia on Instagram @anittacloset1.

Beth Radcliff: Lady of Style and Strength

Elizabeth (2) - Copy


If you ask Beth for life advice, she is going to tell you one thing, “Go big or go home.” This is the attitude that has helped Beth achieve her goals as a working model. It is evident that her strength and determination has paid off.

Elizabeth (4)

Photography by Robyn Alright

Elizabeth (5)

“My personal style is very versatile. I like to wear both ends up the spectrum. For example, I like to wear either very formal clothes or workout clothes. I like classic looks and bold/unique jewelry,” Beth shared.

Elizabeth (7)

Beth said, “I believe you should put all of everything you have into what you do. The only thing you’ll regret is missed opportunities.”

Elizabeth (13)

Elizabeth (11)Be sure to follow Beth on Instagram @beeisforbeth.

Rocky Mae Gentleman: Rastik Bily

Rastik (5) - Copy

Meet Rastik Bily, an aspiring model and true gentlemen (Seriously, he helped carry photo equipment on set). Rastik describes himself as an easy going man who is deeply rooted in his faith. Take a look at some of his best shots!

Rastik (6)

Photographer: Robyn Alright

Rastik (11)

Fashion designer, Hardy Amies stated, “A man should look as if he bought his clothes with intelligence, put them on with care and forgotten all about them.” Rastik epitomizes this quote as he is very dapper in this stylish suit.

Rastik (8)

Rastik (9)

Rastik (1)

To learn more about Rastik, you can find him on Facebook or Model Mayhem.

Rocky Mae Gentleman: Trevon Stewart

TStewart (25)

Photography by Robyn Alright

Everyone has the same 24 hours, you choose how you want to spend them.” These are words of wisdom from Trevon Stewart, former defensive back for University of Houston Football and current CEO of JackBoyz Apparel. It is obvious that Trevon has optimized his time extremely well. After completing his collegiate career, he immediately traded in the jersey and cleats for the responsibilities of entrepreneurship.

TStewart (1)

JackBoyz Apparel was created during Trevon’s time as a student-athlete. In 2013, the U of H defense lead the nation in takeaways. “We felt we could take whatever we wanted,” Trevon declared. And that, they did. Confidently, the guys started to refer to themselves as the JackBoyz. It did not take long for the name to catch on. They consistently delivered what they promised. As the JackBoyz gained momentum, the group decided to create shirts for themselves to show their solidarity. The design quickly caught the attention of students and fans. As demand for the shirts quickly increased, Trevon recognized the entrepreneurial opportunity.

TStewart (27)

“Being a college athlete prepared me for the business world,” Trevon shared. He learned how to remain motivated and disciplined. He also learned the importance of time management and work-life balance. “There is always going to be speed bumps,” Trevon stated, “but as an entrepreneur, you have to know how to work through all adversity.” Trevon pushed through entrepreneurial challenges because he believed in himself and the potential of the JackBoyz clothing company.

Trevon is no stranger to hard work. Ever since the age of 5, his father would have him go outside at 6 in the morning to do drills for whatever sport he played at the time. At an early age, Trevon developed the skills needed to be leader and businessman.

TStewart (30)

JackBoyz Apparel is just the beginning. Trevon hopes to eventually start a real estate company and explore his artistic talents as rapper. It takes tremendous focus and mental strength to be this ambitious. This is why Trevon always finds quiet time to clear his mind and he frequently reads the Bible to gain wisdom and understanding.

TStewart (16)

The future is bright for Trevon Stewart. Not only is he making big business moves, but he is making big moves in his personal life as he is soon to be married!  Best wishes to the happy couple!

Be sure to follow Trevon on Twitter @JackBoyzApparel and Instagram @JackBoyzGlobal. Get your JackBoyz appearel @ www.