Photography by Robyn Alright

Brandon Harper is an author and relationship expert from Houston, TX. Besides being a talented writer, Brandon enjoys spending time with his family, watching basketball and attending concerts. His book, From the Outside Looking In, explores the vicissitudes of modern day relationships. See what Brandon had to say about his past experiences and how he uses them to help others.

RMS: Tell us about your book From the Outside Looking In. What was your motivation for writing it?
BH: From the Outside Looking In was a very personal project.  I wrote the book based on how I was feeling at a certain point and time in my life. I was dealing with some things and I just decided to pour my emotions on to paper and that’s how the book was created. Experiences were my motivation.

RMS: In what way does your past experiences enable you to help others?
BH: The lessons I’ve learned from previous relationships caused me a lot of pain.  I want to use my experiences to show others how to avoid the same heartache.

RMS: What is the best advice you can give to someone starting a new relationship?
BH: Don’t be so quick to put your all into it at the very beginning. Take your time to fully learn about the other person.

Photography by Robyn Alright

RMS: Name some top qualities that everyone should look for in a potential mate.
BH: Look for someone that you have things in common with. Trust is everything. You must be able to trust someone that you are in a relationship with. Another quality is attractiveness, both mentally and physically.

RMS: What would you say is the biggest misconception about relationships?
BH: That they are supposed to be perfect with no problems at all.

RMS: What’s next for you? Are you working on another book or do you have any upcoming projects?
BH: Yes, I do. I have two new books coming in 2017. The first being a self-help guide for women titled Girls Like Bad Boys, Women Like Grown Men . The second is a fictional urban drama that picks up from where my first book left off titled Caught Up Wife.

We are excited about Brandon’s future as an author. Be sure to follow him on Twitter @DiaryHarper and Facebook @ThePersonalConversation.


What we wear plays a role in how we behave. As a fashion designer with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Miranda Chaney knows this very well. Miranda consciously designs understanding the influence of style in our society. We are often inundated with mainstream messages that aim to shape our views of what should be acceptable style. In most cases, these messages do to not cater to more diverse audiences.  This is why Miranda designs with the mindset of encouraging positivity and acceptance for all body types and skin tones.

Designer: Miranda Chaney  Model: Ray’Nethia Roberts       Photographer: Robyn Alright

Being the creation of stylish parents, Miranda’s fashion sense was molded at an early age.  As her personal style matured, others began to take notice of her creativity. Miranda takes advantage of this new found attention as uses it to spread her message of confidence and individuality. “As we all know, when a woman looks good she feels good. Fashion ignites a fire in me that allows me to go beyond measures with myself and help others in the process,” Miranda shared.

Like a true professional, her quest for knowledge never ends. Miranda is currently a studying fashion design at Houston Community College. She understands the importance of fashion and entrepreneurship. Her goal is to cultivate a successful fashion house and create opportunities for women worldwide. To learn more about Miranda Chaney’s work,  visit www.mirandachaney.com

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