Career Choices: Should You Follow Your Head or Your Heart?

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heart article psd

By Robyn Alright

Within the first 5 minutes of meeting someone new, the “So, what do you do?” question is bound to bubble up. This may seem like an innocent question to keep the conversation going. But truthfully, there are some that use this question to size you up to see if they can use you for their own personal or professional gain. Knowing this may put pressure on you to say something impressive. In our society, sadly, we tend to judge people by what they do for a living. Consciously or subconsciously, we are told to climb the corporate ladder, get the money, get that title and fight for the corner office. That may work for some. Definitely not all. Definitely not me.

One day, I attended a networking event in an effort to meet people that may benefit my entrepreneurial journey. A man walked up to me and confidently told me his job title and who we worked for. Then, of course, it was my turn. “I just quit my job to start a blog,” I shared excitedly. That man gave me the blank emoji face and literally turned his back to me and walked away. I need not describe to you my feelings. Wondering if I said something wrong, I reviewed my statement and came to the conclusion that I was standing in my truth. If he didn’t like that, I can accept it. Onward. Not long after Mr. Rude left my presence, I met another lady. I told her the same thing, “I just quit my job to start a blog!” Her response was vastly different. Instead of a snobbish sneer, I was met with “Oh, that’s great! How exciting! I quit my job last year to start my own business.” Immediately, I felt a sense of relief and my sanity was validated.

Everyone is not designed to follow the same path. Society tends to tell us that there is only one way to achieve success. Every day, our heads are filled with mainstream messages that tell us what we should do with our lives. Most of the time, it is the message of “The Path”. Go to college, major is something that will earn you money, get a job, get married, have kids, put the kids through college so that they can major in something that will earn them money and then…retire. If this sounds great to you, by all means more power to you. Than plan works well for some people.  However, there are those of us who want to forge our own path instead of traveling the road set before us.

heart article 4 psdThe systematic way is safe and predictable. You get your check, pay your bills and it’s all gravy. In our heads, it makes sense. Logically, it makes sense to follow the path that is safest and provides a quality of life that is comfortable. But while our heads are happy, what about our hearts? The heart is where our dreams, desires and visions are hidden. Is that supposed to go ignored? Me thinks not. Here lies the eternal battle of head vs heart.

Both have their benefits and disadvantages. Your head helps you to plan and problem solve, but can also cause you to overthink and never take action. Your heart can guide you emotionally, but too much emotion may cause irrational behavior. The truth is that the victory of head or heart depends on the situation. When it comes to career choices, I bet on the heart because the heart has a not so secret weapon called love.

The old saying goes, “Do what you love and you never have to work a day in your life.” Your passion for the type of work you love to do can generate opportunities beyond your imagination. Sometimes, we just have to take a leap of faith and follow that compass in our heart. It knows the way even if it hasn’t registered in our heads just yet. Is it easy to follow your heart?  Not always. Is it worth it? Most likely. “But, what if I fail?” you ask. Then you would have had a new experience and learned something new to help you on your journey. Failure is not the end.

Consider this, when you are old and gray and reflecting over your life, will you be pleased with your contribution to the earth? Or, will you sing the Shoulda Coulda Woulda song? Sometimes our hearts know what is best for us before our heads get the signal. Go within and listen to your heart. Genuinely sit in silence and listen. You might be surprised and pleased at what it has to say to you.

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Review of Manolo: The Boy Who Made Shoes for Lizards

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manolo ig

By Robyn Alright

If you look up shoes in the thesaurus, don’t be surprised if Manolos is listed as a legitimate synonym. Manolo Blahnik is a fashion icon and legendary shoe designer.

Recently, a documentary was released about his life entitled Manolo: The Boy Who Made Shoes for Lizards. The title is catchy and true. As a young boy growing up in the Canary Islands, Manolo used the foil wrapping from chocolate candies to create shoes for lizards. While this brought him much delight, the lizard might not have been so pleased.

The documentary reveals Manolo’s funny, witty and charismatic personality. However, it was surprising to learn that this fashion genius can also be reserved and reticent.   He doesn’t like crowds, prefers to be alone and had objections to filming a documentary in the first place. Thankfully, the director, Micheal Roberts is a good friend.  Roberts was able to capture Manolo in a way that his admirers might not have ever seen.

This documentary is a must see and is playing in select cities. Check your local listings or visit here for more information.

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Benefits of Tea Tree Oil

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tea tree oil

By Robyn Alright

Did you know that tea tree oil is extracted from the twigs and the leaves of a tree that is native to Australia?  The botanical name of the tree is Melaleuca Alternifolia and there are over 300 species of tea trees that grow in that area. Thankfully, we do not have to travel all the way to Australia to reap the benefits of this valuable oil! Tea tree oil is widely available and has multiple health and beauty benefits. Here are a few fabulous ways that tea tree oil can be incorporated into your beauty routine.

Hair and Scalp Benefits

Tea tree oil has the ability to remove dandruff and relax dry flaking skin. It also helps to relieve an itchy scalp which is often caused by fungus or bacteria. Tea tree oil has been proven to treat these problems and it may also help with eczema.

Tea tree oil is also used to treat and repel head lice. While it is safe to use on pets, it is not recommended for use on pets or small animals.

Skin Benefits

Tea Tree oil is widely used in the battle against acne because of its anti-bacterial abilities. Its soothing properties helps to calm the skin and prevents flare-ups. This oil may also be used to treat wounds, cuts and other skin infections. It may also aid in the removal of skin tags.  If applied to the affected area several times daily, the skin tag could fall off on its own.


Tea tree oil is generally considered one of the safer essential oils. It can be used undiluted but depending on your skin type, it may be diluted with a carrier oil like olive oil, sweet almond or coconut oil. Before using tea tree oil, conduct a skin patch test to be sure that you will have no allergic reactions. Tea tree oil should not be taken internally and if you have any concerns, always consult your physician.

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Congratulations to Rastik and Natalia!

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Natalia and Rastik (32) header

We are so pleased to announce that one of Houston’s cutest couples is engaged to be married! Rastik and Natalia are a beautiful couple and it is easy to see that they are deeply in love.  Natalia’s graceful elegance goes with Rastik’s enthusiastic personality. The happy couple took their engagement photos at the Biscuit Paint Wall in Montrose. Share their love.

Natalia and Rastik (10)1

Photography by Robyn Alright

Natalia and Rastik (6)1

“Your heart and my heart are very, very old friends.”-Hafiz

Natalia and Rastik (20)1

Natalia and Rastik (24)1

“Whatever our souls are made out of, his and mine are the same.” –Emily Bronte

Natalia and Rastik (27)1

The happy couple will wed in July of 2018. Join us in wishing them the best of blessings in their journey as husband and wife.

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Karl Lagerfeld’s Ring Collection at Robbins Brothers-Houston

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lagerfeld3 cover

By Robyn Alright

The music was bumpin’, the champagne was flowin’ and the rings were blingin’ at the unveiling of Karl Lagerfeld’s wedding ring collection. The atmosphere had an exciting vibe that matched the vibrancy of Lagerfeld’s stunning designs. His collection is limited to 30 stores in the United States. Robbins Brothers is one of the exclusive stores to carry the brand and they are the only ones in Houston.



Lagerfeld, a renowned fashion designer, created a collection that is sure to please a wide variety of brides. His use of patterns and shapes creates designs that are appealing, elegant and edgy.  Using Paris as his muse, Lagerfeld’s creations show elements of French architecture including the illustrious Eiffel Tower.  In short, the designs are glorious.



Fashion editor, Joy Sewing was present to conduct a raffle drawing at the event. One lucky lady walked away with an adorable Karl Lagerfeld purse!


lagerfeld bags

If you are in the market for a ring, Robbins Brothers is worth a visit. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and ready to assist. For more information about the Lagerfeld collection, visit


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Models, Let’s Build Your Portfolio

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woman portfolio2 - Copybb

Models and Aspiring Models,

Keep your portfolio fresh and fierce with images that show off your modeling skills.  This invitation is open to professional models (male and female), aspiring models or anyone who loves to strike a pose! You will enjoy working with fashion photographer and blogger, Robyn Alright.   She will help you put your best face forward with images that reflect your personal style. Check out her reviews below.

“Robyn was amazing to work with! Not only does she have a beautiful spirit but her energy makes her so easy and comfortable to work with. She also is not afraid to give direction and feedback.”
– Kayla Princess

“Very professional and creative with what she does. Has a great vibe and great portfolio!
– Micaela W.

 “Robyn is a fantastic photographer. So easy to work with. She gives excellent feedback during shoots. I hope to work with her again.”
– Van Belson

To see more of Robyn’s work click here and here.  Packages start at just $75! Want to know more, send all inquiries to

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Seven Sensational finds at Pop Shop Houston

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pop shop

By Robyn Alright


Pop Shop Houston is an opportunity to view the work of local artist, crafters and designers. This one of a kind festival celebrates the unlimited inspiration of arts and crafts.  At Pop Shop Houston, the city’s most imaginative creators gather to share their handmade products. It is a wonderland of unique goods that are unlikely to be found anywhere else. was present to take in the festivities. Check out our Seven Sensational Finds at Pop Shop Houston.

Pop Soap

Pop Soap is the creation of the sibling duo, Paul and Gem. Together they create all natural handmade soap. They believe that soap should be able to clean and refresh without synthetic fillers and chemicals. Their brand stands out because of their unique products and love for pop culture.


A favorite is the Courage Bar! This delightful soap is made of coconut oil, almond oil, turmeric, lemon granules and other natural products.  It has a lovely coconut and pineapple fragrance that should boost your courage. Get ready to conquer the world with this soap!


Another hot item is the Brown Sugar Bar. Made with palm oil, turbinado sugar and other natural ingredients, this bar is sure to brighten your day. The pleasant vanilla scent is beyond delightful. Be careful, if you try it, you might get hooked. To see more of Pop Soap’s amazing products, visit.


Mair Fragrance

mair 3 jpg

Image Source:

If you are a strong, sophisticated and classy lady, we have found the perfect fragrance for you. Mair Fragrance is a luxury fragrance company dedicated to creating scents that complement a lady’s natural grace and beauty. Their signature scent is called Remember When. This fragrance is a light floral perfume with soft citrus tones.


Handmade by owner and creator, Mair Emenogu, this high-end scent contains hits of jasmine, amber and Italian bergamot. Learn more about this fantastic product at



KAI is the home of some of the most beautiful handmade bags and hats. This luxury brand of authentic products are handcrafted by the indigenous people of La Guajira in northwestern Venezuela. This group of skilled craftsmen are also known as the Wayuu. The Wayuu have passed down their weaving techniques from generation to generation for hundreds of years. The design and quality of their products is unmatched. Created with vibrant colors, it is easy to see why their creations make a statement. Check out more of these stunning designs at .



Jemini Designs


If you are looking for something fun, fresh and funky, then throw your eyeballs on Jemini Designs. This creative company makes custom shirts and gifts for any occasion. A couple of fan favorites are the 90’s throwback ‘Damn Gina’ t-shirt and the Afro sugar skull design. The creativity is endless at Jemini Designs! Click here to see more cool products.  





african fashion2

Kristiane Charrier is a fashion designer and the founder of Kaeci.  Her mission is to use the power of fashion to inspire others. Bold prints and bright colors are staples of  Kaeci designs. Kristiane shared that she obtains her colorful fabrics from her travels to France and multiple countries in Africa. Each piece is created with passion and love. This beautiful clothing is sure to elevate your wardrobe. Follow Kaeci on Instagram @Kaeciconcept.

kai fashion


Bug in the Box

bug in a box


Bug in the Box is dedicated to incorporating more nature into our daily lives. Handmade butterfly shadow boxes are created with style and could be the perfect touch of décor for your home or office.  After naturally passing away, these insects are ethically sourced from sanctuaries around the world and preserved in lovely shadow boxes. This would make the perfect gift for the nature lover in your life. Visit Bug in the Box online at



No Crap in It

no crap in it

Image Source:

If you want a straight forward beauty brand, here you go! No Crap in It was created from the mind of Feather Blake. She is passionate about creating all natural beauty products. Back in 1999, she realized that the chemicals in her make-up were causing her skin to break out. She created a facial cleanser based with coconut oil and the rest is history. Her products include essential oil moisturizers, a sugar lip plumper and charcoal toothpaste! Find more unique products at

no crap

Pop Shop is running now through Sunday, June 11, 2017. For more information visit

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Houston Wedding Showcase Recap

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By Robyn Alright

The Houston Wedding Showcase gathers the hottest bridal vendors in Houston. Under one roof, a bride is sure to find everything for the perfect wedding! was in the mix at NRG Center for this elegant and entertaining bridal convention. Take a look at some of our fantastic finds!

Parvani Vida
Parvani Vida is an upscale bridal boutique that houses some of the most luxurious gowns you’ve ever laid eyes on. This 6,000 square-foot bridal salon is like a wonderland filled with angelic dresses. Established in 2003, it has set the standard for couture bridal.

parvani Vida

Jeannie Phuong is the talented designer at Parvani Vida who turns dreams into reality. With over 30 years of experience, she is capable of creating extraordinary gowns. To see some of these exquisite creations, visit


Renegade Custom Designs
Not every bride wants a traditional wedding dress. More brides are opting for color, uniqueness and pizazz! If this sounds like you or someone you know, Renegade Custom Designs is worth a look.

renegade bridal

renegade bridal 2

Natalie is the creative genius behind Renegade Custom Designs. She creates the most astonishing custom gowns for brides who want to push the envelope when it comes to bridal fashion. Natalie enjoys helping brides display their personalities in a way that is distinctive and sophisticated. Do yourself a favor and check out her work at


Sweet Delights Wedding Cakes
A wedding without cake is like a zebra without stipes. It simply is not complete! Sweet Delights Wedding Cakes is the go-to place to complete your wedding celebration. This company has been around for over 25 years and has been featured on the Rachel Ray Show.  They specialize in custom cakes and believe in making your day special.

sweet delights

sweet delights 2

Not only are the cakes beautiful, they are absolutely delicious! With over 15 flavors to choose from, there is enough variety to keep everyone happy. View these breathtaking cakes for yourself at .


Ruby Ribbon
Ladies, let’s be honest. On occasion, we may need a little assistance controlling the parts of us that jiggle. Every woman wants all the support she can get on her wedding day. Ruby Ribbon to the rescue!

ruby ribbon


Ruby Ribbon is a shapewear company that helps women control their curves. Their products help to smooth you out and tuck you in without feeling discomfort. Not only does Ruby Ribbon provide excellent shapewear, the company has a line of slimming swimwear that would be perfect for a honeymoon at the beach. See their entire collection at . Caitlin is an enthusiastic representative and she is ready to assist.


Third Coast

third coast
Nestled in the heart of the Texas Medical Center, Third Coast is an elegant venue that is sure to satisfy any bride. This spacious venue offers a wide variety of culinary delights. Formerly known as Trevisio, Third Coast has recently renovated its dining space which includes private dining rooms and an outdoor terrace. To say that Third Coast is impressive is an understatement. See more at


RSVP Studios
Capture the precious moments of the big day with photography services from RSVP Studios.  Scott Villalobos is a wedding photographer whose work has been featured in major bridal magazines. His images are classic and romantic. A picture is worth a thousand words and Scott is dedicated to telling your wedding story.

As a member of the PPA (Professional Photographers of America), photography is Scott’s absolute passion. View his remarkable work at

rsvp web1

Image Source


Flash Wedding
Imagine that you are a bride on a budget. You want a nice ceremony, but you don’t want to spend thousands dollars. You don’t mind going to the courthouse, but you want something with a little more class. The solution: Flash Weddings!  Get married in a flash with Flash Weddings! This company is an inexpensive alternative for the bride that wants something quick and easy.


Image Source: Flash Weddings

With prices starting at $800, the bride receives an event coordinator, officiant, photographer and a flower bouquet. Depending on your needs, they are ready to plan and execute your wedding in 72 hours! Flash Weddings has flexible plans to fit the needs of almost any bride. Learn more about this innovative company at .


Signature Sipz
Every bride knows that they should have something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue! Signature Sipz helps by providing Something Blue beverages for the special day. They have over 50 blue flavors to serve as your signature drink. Flavors include Blue Bahama Mama, Blue Sunrise and Blue Mary Jane. They are ready to help you create the perfect cocktail drink and can provide bartenders or a human cocktail! Find out more at

something blue


To conclude, the Houston Wedding Showcase was a blast. The next showcase will take place on October 22, 2017. Don’t miss this marvelous event! See more information at



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Five Reasons to Shop Thrift Stores

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thrift shop2

By Robyn Alright

Walk into a thrift shop and you are most likely greeted with a smell that resembles molded toast and the color brown. Once you get used to it, you have entered the land of infinite style possibilities!  Anyone who has a unique sense of personal style understands how invaluable the thrift store is.

Sadly, there are those that turn their nose up at the thought of shopping at a thrift store. I feel sorry for them, but that means there is more for the rest of us! If for some reason you are not yet a thrift store convert, perhaps these five reasons will help you to get with the program.

Find Items That You Can’t Find Elsewhere
When you are ready to add some uniqueness to your wardrobe, head to the thrift store. Adding one-of-a-kind items to your closet will greatly enhance your style. You will turn heads with creative clothing that can’t be found in mainstream fashion.

Vintage Lover’s Jackpot
If your style has more of a throwback vibe, the thrift store is where you want to be. You are likely to find clothing from many recent decades. Personally, I love vintage accessories! Old-school accessories can add just the right touch to your outfit. Also, let us not forget about costumes. The thrift store provides a wide selection of items that can be used for themed parties, charity events and Halloween.

fashon design2

Clothing Designers Paradise
A clothing designer in a thrift store can be like a kid in the candy shop! There are endless creative possibilities. In the right hands, an item from the thrift store can be redesigned into something exceptional. Even an amateur designer can find quality pieces to alter and elevate.

Get Cool Things for Your Home
Thrifting is not just for fashion design, it is also for interior design. Update your home with items from the thrift shop. You can create an environment that others will envy. You might even find an antique treasure that is worth far more than what you paid for it.

save money

Fun Items at Affordable Prices.
It’s a no-brainer, you save money. Isn’t that ALWAYS a great thing? Shopping at the thrift store is a great way to try a new look without making a huge investment in clothing. Go wild trying new things. It will not hurt your pocket book!

Have fun poppin’ tags!

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Non-Lethal Options for Self-Defense

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self defense2

By Robyn Alright

Ladies, it is time we talk about our safety. Everyday, there are horrid stories all over the world of women being attacked, abused and kidnapped. We have to take measures to protect ourselves and it is time we take our safety seriously.

Recently, I attended a women’s conference and came across the booth of a company called Female Defense Products. I was immediately intrigued. While the majority of the booths catered to make-up, beauty products and clothes (and there is nothing wrong with that), I thought it was very smart to have a booth about women’s safety.


Emily is the Sales Manager at Female Defense Products. The information she shared was very valuable.

Female Defense Products was founded by a young entrepreneur named Madison Ryffel. Madison is a graduate of Texas Christian University. As a college student, she was alarmed at how frequently women were assaulted and attacked. Madison saw an opportunity to help women protect themselves and raise awareness. Thus, Female Defense Products was born.

At the conference, I spoke with Emily and Charles. I’ve always been interested in a stun gun. However, with my periodic clumsiness, I was concerned that I would end up shocking myself. Emily explained that there are products that have a two-step process for activating shock. This decreases the chance of hurting yourself while trying to protect yourself.

When it comes to your safety, there are plenty of non-lethal options to keep in mind. Here are a few products to consider and they can all be found on


The Guard Dog iStun

istun phone image

Photo Credit:

This clever device looks just like a real phone!  The design provides a discreet way to carry a stun gun. It is stylish, lightweight and packs power.  The iStun can also be used as a decoy if you are robbed for your cell phone. Hand the robber the iStun. They will be disappointed later to know that the phone is fake but, that is what they get.   

SabreRed Drink Test Kit


Photo Credit:

This drink test is easy to carry and easy to use.  This product tests for the “date rape” drug which can include the chemicals GHB or Kematine. Place drops of your beverage on the designated areas of the test. If either area changes colors, then the “date rape” drug has been detected. The SabreRed Drink Test Kit can be an important tool in preventing sexual assault.

Mace KeyGuard Pepper Spray

pepper spray

Photo Credit:

Pepper spray does not disappoint. Spray this in your attackers face and it will cause them extreme discomfort. The product causes the skin to burn, eyes to shut and disrupts the respiratory system. Please keep pepper spray out of the reach of children.  If you come in contact with pepper spray by accident, immediately was the affected area with cool water and get fresh air as soon as possible.

Female Defense Products has made it even easier to protect yourself by offering 20% off your next order. Use code:FDP20. I am unsure how long this offer will last, but it would be wise to take advantage as quickly as possible. Stay stylish and stay safe!

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