Business meetings. Yoga class. Dinner with friends. Welcome to the lifestyle of the modern woman! With such active schedules,  it can be difficult to transition your look during a day of diverse events.  The solution: SOBARE. SOBARE is a boutique providing a variety of fashion forward activewear for casual and effortless style. In addition to chic athleisure wear, Sobare offers a wide range of apparel and accessories including lingerie, swimwear and beauty products.

mala sleeveless
Mala Sleeveless available at Photo courtesy of SOBARE.

Krystal Luna, the founder of SOBARE, created a concept that allows you to take your style through an active day that can include a personal and  professional events. “ The clothes I offer are interchangeable and wearable throughout the day. You can wear a body-con athleisure dress to a lunch meeting or a color-blocking top for dinner out with the family ” says, Krystal. The flexibility of the SOBARE brand is what makes it so appealing. One could easily throw a blazer over an athleisure top to get a look that is boardroom ready and easily convertible.  It is an answered prayer for the woman on the go who is seeking to attain work-life balance.

sobare bodycon dress
Muse Dress available at Photo courtesy of SOBARE.

It is this balance that Krystal achieves and wants to share with others. As an entrepreneur in a competitive industry, Krystal acknowledges that prioritization and hard work are necessary elements for success. Equally important is the mentality  to maintain your personal health and family life while building professional relationships. SOBARE provides a way to look great naturally while balancing a busy life.

hear me roar
Hear Me Roar available at Photo courtesy of SOBARE.

SOBARE is expanding rapidly with hopes to open new locations in the near future.  In addition to  the quality styles already available at  SOBARE, we can also look forward to the exclusive SOBARE fashion label. For more on this innovative company, visit


All she wanted was a new dress for her birthday.  A dress that represented the new, bold confidence she found through her walk with Christ. Instead of a mundane trip to the mall, Karissa Lindsay chose to exercise her own talents to design this symbolic dress. The fabric of choice: Ankara.  Ankara fabrics (African prints) are so unique because of mesmerizing patterns and bold colors. Little did she know that this one dress would eventually evolve into a company called A Leap of Style where she leads as designer and CEO.

Boundless Infinity Jumpsuit in Swirl on ‘Em available at Photo courtesy of A Leap of Style.

A Leap of Style was created to help women feel their most beautiful and confident. “I’ve grown a fan base of beautiful, stylish women who love an original look that allows them to standout, but still makes sense. I strive to design classic silhouettes that work timelessly in a woman’s wardrobe, but pieces that also reflect her unique sense of style,” said Karissa.  The tagline for A Leap of Style is ‘Bold prints. Classic designs.’   By using Ankara fabrics in her creations, Karissa does just that.

Victoria Top in Yellow Dashiki available at Photo courtesy of A Leap of Style.

“I love using African prints in unexpected ways. I’ve got a new top called the Victoria Dashiki top and it’s my favorite right now. It’s the perfect blend of funky and fashionable, yet styled the right way it’s still a piece you can wear to work. Plus, it’s a really fun vintage-inspired take on the classic dashiki,” Karissa stated.  Her unique vision and creativity is why her fan base and clientele continues to grow. To accommodate the growth, Karissa plans to further build her team and expand her presence in boutiques around the world.

As a kid, Karissa dreamed of being a fashion designer. She is an excellent example for young designers and a testament that dreams do come true. Her advice to young designers and entrepreneurs is to just get started! Full of wisdom, Karissa says, “Don’t sit on your ideas because you’re afraid or because you think you’re not ready. You don’t have to have all the answers to begin to experience success.”

Well said, Karissa. Very well said.


Article Written by: Robyn Alright
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