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Meet Joseff Nathanial, fashion model and entrepreneur. He shares the same birthday as Rihanna and has a music catalog that spans multiple genres. In this interview, he shares his inspirational journey on becoming a fashion model.

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RMS: Tell me a little bit about yourself and how you got your start as a fashion model?

JN: A few years ago, I went through a major transition period in life. I was extremely depressed, out of shape, and unhappy. After a lot of prayer, I felt the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, “Joseff, if you want to do this, it’s now or never.” The “this” that still voice was pertaining to was my dreams and aspirations to pursue a career in the arts.

Since I was a kid, I always loved entertainment. I have always sung (my original major in undergrad was operatic music) and acted but never pursued it due to fear and self-doubt. After hearing that message, I put things into action. I did the work. I lost the weight. I changed how I viewed and thought of myself. I removed all toxic relationships from my life. To celebrate my accomplishments, I did a photo shoot with a photographer friend of mine and posted them on social media. As they my say, the rest is history. Within 6 months, I had my first agent. Within a year, I had walked in several shows, did multiple shoots, and was preparing to walk in NYFW.

Photography: @focused_fitness_media

RMS: Who are some people that inspire you and have influenced your career?

JN: Definitely my mother. She’s been my biggest supporter from jump. In the fashion game, I admire Tyra Banks and my family, Cherry Davis. Banks taught me that you should use your platform to help others and that you are a brand. Davis gave me confidence when I needed and continues to inspire me.

Photographer: @40acresimages Suit: @hm

RMS: Besides fashion and modeling, what other interests or hidden talents do you have?

JN: I’m a jack of all trades. In addition to modeling, I sing and act. I’ve done a few stage plays. I also have a catering company called Jodell’s Catering. I’ve been cooking since I was a kid. To add, I also have a master’s degree in Human Resource Management. I’ve been a HR business partner for NASA going on 10 years now.

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RMS: What type of music do you like and who are some of your favorite musical artist?

JN: My friends cannot stand my music catalog because it is so random. On shuffle, it will go from R&B, to country, to hip-hop, to jazz, to classical, to pop, and lastly even Tejano. Note: I don’t even speak Spanish. LOL! My all-time favorite singer is Ella Fitzgerald, but I loved Whitney, Luther, Tupac, Biggie Smalls, Kirk Franklin, and last but not least, my mom.

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RMS: In the fashion industry, models face a great deal of criticism and rejection. How do you stay positive and motivated through that process?

JN: I remember, “what’s for me, is for me”. I honestly want everyone to win and be successful while pursuing their dreams and aspirations. I stay blessed cause I pray for God to guide my path, not for a specific thing. I also remember where I’ve come from, so I don’t even hear criticisms. I take it as an opportunity to improve.

Designer: @traviscalstyles Shoes: @prada Model Coordinator: @coreoftherunway Photographer: @eddythepixer MUA: @matildamariem @chantellesmakeupstudio .

This is just the beginning for Joseff. Follow him on IG and his catering page as well @jodellscatering.

You can never stop a man who is determined to rise. DoeRayMe is that man. He has experienced much success in his career due to his will power and growth mindset. And guess what, he does not plan to stop anytime soon. DoeRayMe took his career into his own hands. With his intellect and ingenuity, he has manifested amazing opportunities. He took the time to speak with us at Rocky Mae Style to tell what keeps him motivated and share what’s next for him on the horizon.

Photos Courtesy of @DoeRayMe_ATL

RMS: How did you get your start as a model/actor?
DRM:  I got my start as a model/actor by working in the music industry as an intern and the company I was interning for just start having me work in front of the camera on projects instead of being behind the scenes. So, that’s where I got a lot of my experience and start.

RMS: What do you enjoy most about your work?
DRM: What I enjoy most about my work is being creative. I love to create and come up with ideas! I also enjoy seeing the outcome and results of what I composed and brought to life.

RMS: How would you describe your personal style?
DRM: My personal style shall be described as GQ. I like to go with the Miami Vice look at times, depending on my mood. I just like to look sharp in my own way and try not to follow trends. “You don’t have to be a part of a wave, when you provide the water.” -N.O.R.E

RMS: What do you like to do on your free time? Any other hobbies or hidden talents?
DRM:  I’m a big podcast guy! I enjoy listening to different podcasts. I think I listen to podcasts more than I watch television or listen to music. I enjoy listening to podcasts such as Brilliant Idiots, Dave Ramsey, Drink Champs, just to name a few. Hidden talents? I guess it’s not hidden anymore, but I actually enjoy listening to podcasts so much I joined one myself. I am a co-host on “Juicy Talk Radio” where I cover music, entertainment, and conduct interviews with special guest.

RMS: How would you describe yourself in 3 words?
– One of one.

RMS: What is the most important lesson you’ve learned from being in the entertainment industry?
DRM: The most important thing I learned about being in the entertainment industry is that you have to be consistent. You can’t put out work or a project and decide to put something out six months to a year later. You have to consistently put out material. You also have to network. The same effort you put sliding into a female DMs trying to holla, try sliding into someone DMs to collaborate with on a project.

RMS: What is something people would be surprised to learn about you?
DRM: I’m big on meditation. Lately, I have been meditating as part of my daily schedule. I have been experiencing tremendous benefits from it.

RMS: What keeps you motivated to reach your professional goals?
DRM: The thing that keeps me motivated to reach my professional goals is RESULTS. When I set a goal and then actually manifest it, that make me want to strive for MORE!

RMS: What is the best advice you ever received?
DRM: “Time, it waits for no one.” So, when I think of that advice It makes me want to put in the work and strive to accomplish all my goals. I’m competing with no one but time.


RMS: Do you have any upcoming projects?
DRM:  Yes, I working on another network television show. Similar to the show I was a part of on LifeTime: Married at First Sight Second Chance. I’m definitely shooting for more photo shoots, commercial bookings and creating more content as I go. Everything will be on my website coming soon.

RMS: Is there anything else you would like to share?
DRM: Make sure you all tune into @JuicyTalkRadio live every Sunday 4pm to 5pm EST, to hear my amazing team (Shanny D, Steph and Que) and I give our point of views on current events, topics, and interviews. Also, follow me on Instagram & Twitter as well @DoeRayMe_ATL for all my endeavors.

Photo Courtesy of Michael Terance

The number one thing you should know about Michael Terance is that he is not going to do a half-ass job.  He is a competitor. And as an emerging rapper and recording artist, Michael is using his strength and determination to make it to the top. “I like to work hard and work better than the next man. Nothing was ever handed to me.  I’ll work to get to where I definitely need to be and if I don’t, then I’ll die trying,” Michael declared.  With that type of grit and determination, Michael Terance may very well be on the road to stardom.

Photo Courtesy of Michael Terance

Michael got his start as a rapper at the age of 17. He started taking his art seriously right after high school. Heavily influenced by hip hop, rap, R&B, and soul music, Michael was inspired to develop a style of his own.

“After I graduated, another rapping friend of mine, Sam Wise, built a home studio from scratch. He went above and beyond for the both of us and we would just sit there and have writing sessions. Every week we’d make a new song and when the time felt like both of us were ready, we started dropping mix-tapes and dope songs,” Michael said.

Photo Courtesy of Michael Terance


Photo Courtesy of Michael Terance

One of the fastest ways to get results is to enjoy the process. For Michael, the process of creating a song is what he enjoys most about his work. “For me, I take my time writing. I never rush. I’d take as long as 1 day to 3 or 4 months.

I’m really focused and in the zone on how I like the songs to come out,” Michael explains. “I remember when I made the song A1, that process was about a month. 3 days of writing it at my house but a whole lot of days recording it,” says Michael. During the process, Michael takes in a huge amount of feedback and that is what pushes him to grind even harder.  

Photo Courtesy of Michael Terance

Beyond rapping, Michael enjoys making beats and sampling old school music. He is also an avid basketball player and enjoys video production and photography. He loves spending time with his family as they are usually the first audience to hear his new music. “I love the look on their faces when I show them one of my songs. When they get to bobbing their head, that means they approve. Seeing a smile on their face going to the groove makes me want to make more songs,” says Michael.

Photo Courtesy of Michael Terance

“The best advice I ever received from a good friend was to keep going with the music. Even when you have bad days, keep going,” Michael shared, “I was also told to be myself.  Never let the industry change you.”

To learn more about of Michael’s growth as an artist, follow him on Instagram @Mikeyballout, Facebook @Michael Terance, and Snapchat @lilmikeyballout.

Photographer: Jon Robert @jonrobertphotography

“I just felt it was the path I needed to go down as it was my true passion.”  For Jon Robert, fashion photography was that path. Jon knew that he wanted more, not just for himself, but also for his family.  As a hardworking father of 2 kids, it was important for him to create the freedom to turn his true passion into a successful business.

Photographer: Jon Robert @jonrobertphotography Model: Liv Gray@livgrayx


Photographer: Jon Robert @jonrobertphotography Model: Kirsty Ryan(@modelkirstyryan)

Jon is fortunate to live in the beautiful coastal town of Ayr in the UK. Located just southwest of Scotland, Ayr is filled with beautiful scenery that would be a delight for any photographer. Jon is able to use his surroundings to create astounding images for  his clients and fashion models.

Photographer:Jon Robert @jonrobertphotography Model: Rachel Rice(@rachelricee)

“I like to think through my photography,” Jon shares, “I manage to bring out the true emotion of the person I am working with.” Jon is able to capture this emotion because he genuinely takes the time to learn about who he is photographing. “I get to know things about them and try and create the type of image that if someone asked them to describe themselves in one way, they could go to one of my images and show them and words wouldn’t have to be used,” Jon explained.  

Photographer: Jon Robert @jonrobertphotography Model: Tori Rose @torirosefitness

Bringing out the confidence in others is what Jon does best. He does this by creating a fun and comfortable environment. When you are on set with Jon, you can expect lots of music and lots of laughter. Jon admits that he sometimes forgets that he is doing a job. That seems to be what happens when you are doing what you truly love. His models and clients respond positively to his energy and they are always happy with the results.  

Photographer: Jon Robert @jonrobertphotography Model: Amber Lilly @amberlillymodel

“I have always gone into things with a positive attitude,” Jon says, “There are a lot of people in this world who will try knock you down when you are doing something you love or are being successful with. Just surround yourself with people who have the same passion and fire as you and never restrict yourself with anything.”

Be sure to follow Jon on IG and FB @jonrobertphotography. His website is coming soon at


Clothing by: @ygaapparel, Photo Source: Instagram Modeling, Agency: @TLondonAgency

At the age of 4 years old, Zhané Tomlinson came to America from Clarendon, Jamaica. She grew into her artistic gifts and became a multi-talented dancer.  Skilled in various styles of dance, Zhané is comfortable with giving a stellar performance. “I’m a professionally trained hip-hop, modern, contemporary, and West African dancer. I’ve been dancing for 10 years,” Zhané shares. Dance has opened up many creative avenues for Zhané. That’s why it is no surprise that she has transferred her talents to the world of fashion and modeling.


Photography: @tcf_photos, Modeling Agency: @TLondonAgency


Photography:@tcf_photos, Modeling Agency: @TLondonAgency

 “I started modeling with my friends a little over two years ago for fun,” Zhané said. Her urge to have fun and try something new lead to her being discovered by and signed to the T. London Agency. She has been modeling professionally since the summer of 2017.

Photo Source: @shotbytony_, Modeling Agency: @TLondonAgency ,Stylist: @vayydawn


Photo Source: Instagram, Modeling Agency: @TLondonAgency

Zhané is highly sought after by fashion designers because of her versatility. “I enjoy meeting great designers! Seeing people’s thoughts and ideas on clothing is inspiring to me,” Zhané exclaimed, “I enjoy runways the most. They’re so much fun and I love all eyes on me.”  

Keep your eyes on Zhané. We have a feeling you will see her on a runway near you!

Follow her on IG @nkeyah_

Model: Angela Wcislo, Hmua Model Photographer & Retoucher: Robert Campbell

Robert Campbell is a Scottish photographer who expresses his creativity through fashion photography. As a child, Robert always displayed artistic talent while growing up in a mining village in the Southwest of Scotland.  

Robert Campbell, Fashion Photographer

However, it was on his 47th birthday that photography became his artistic medium of choice. “I like the diversity of the medium which allows me to undertake all different types of genres with fashion being one of these,” Campbell shares, “ I came to photography late and soon realized it was my passion with the last 3 years of my life being devoted to it.”

Model: Miguel Martin, Hmua Model Photographer & Retoucher: Robert Campbell

On his 47th birthday, Campbell’s friend was selling his DSLR camera and his wife generously got it for him under one condition: that he learned how to use it and didn’t give up. “From that moment on there was no looking back,” Campbell said. He did everything he could from watching online video tutorials to just going out and shooting to learn the difference in lighting, depth, and composition.

His hard work and dedication paid off. Over the past three years, Robert’s popularity has grown and he has earned a reputation as one of Scotland’s rising stars in fashion photography.

Model: Chloe Bella Armstrong, Hmua Model Photographer & Retoucher: Robert Campbell

Campbell says that fashion photography allowed him to follow his passion. His work not only showcases the model and the clothes, but also the city which gives his photos depth.

“I enjoy photography because it has given me a chance to look at the world around me with fresh eyes every single day. It has allowed me to capture a moment that will last forever, that tells a story and brings out emotion in me and others,” Campbell expressed.

Mode:l Ziggy Model, HMUA Model Photographer: Robert Campbell

Campbell is always working to improve his craft. In his line of work, he understands that what one person perceives as beautiful, another may not. He sees it as his job to do more than capture clothes. Campbell’s goal is to capture character and ensure that you see positivity in every photograph.

To see more of his work, follow him on FB or on IG @rob_campbell_01 .


ever ramirez 1 cover
Photo Source: Instagram

By Robyn Alright

He is passionate, focused and hardworking. He is Ever Ramirez, a dream chaser. He has recently launched out on his journey to become a fashion model and actor.  Keep your eyes on him because he is definitely going places!

ever ramirez 2
Photo Source: Instagram

If you look past his brown eyes and curly hair, you will see that Ever is a good-hearted guy. They say that nice guys finish last, but we have a feeling that Ever is winning 1st place.

ever ramirez 3
Photo Source: Instagram

Ever loves the camera. He frequently makes appearances in local fashion shows and independent films. When he is not striking a pose, he enjoys practicing is acting skills and hanging out with friends.

ever ramirez 4
Photo Source: Instagram

There is no doubt Ever’s talents will pave the way for his success.  Be sure to follow him on IG @_aristides_official


ohlivee cover image
All Photos Courtesy of @ohliveekollection

By Robyn Alright

The wait is over. The Ohlivee’ Kollection, pronounced (uh-LIV-ee-a) is back and better than ever.  After a brief hiatus, this premium fashion brand has bounced back with passion and purpose.

ohlivee man white shirt

Ohlivee’ is a unique name that is derived from Olivia. Temptest, the company’s founder, says that the brand is named after her late great grandmother, Olivia, who passed away December 9th 2016. “I researched the phonetic spelling of her name and loved the way it looked and sounded,” Temptest shared.

ohlivee man gray hoodie

The Ohlivee’ Kollection is different from other brands of street wear because it blends visual art into the world of street fashion. This brand is poised to have a global reach with plans to release new merchandise that will appeal to a broader audience. The Ohlivee’ Kollection offers merchandise that everyone, no matter their personal style, wants to add to their wardrobe.

ohlivee woman

Many pieces in Ohlivee’ Kollection are very versatile. You can dress it up or dress it down. The entire collection has an urban chic look that is modern and fresh. It is also a unisex brand that has appealing designs for everyone.

ohlivee couple

The Ohlivee’ Kollection is a brand infused with culture. Built with perseverance, this brand will inspire street fashion and urban style for years to come. To learn more about this brand and its impact in the community, go to

amir strong header
Photographer: @honest_rituvls

By Robyn Alright

“Strong is my last name and I’ll be damned if I don’t live by it. Period.”  These are the words of Amir Strong, fashion model and music producer. To say that Amir is talented is an understatement. Creativity and confidence flows through him with ease. Amir is a regal leader who is undoubtedly making a name for himself in the fashion industry.

amir strong 6

Amir was given his first opportunity to walk the runway for a local designer while he was in high school. “I took that experience with me to college and used it to network with fashion-minded students eager to build their brand. I volunteered to wear their designs, in turn, I received top quality photoshoots which boosted my popularity on social media. One of my biggest opportunities came when I walked for Miguel Wilson sporting his formal collection of men’s formal wear,” Amir stated.

amir strong 5
Photographer: @anasbasetem

When asked to describe his personal style, Amir likes a laid-back business casual look with a flare. This means that you could catch him in a buttoned down polo, chinos, vans and sometimes a ‘dad hat’ (if he doesn’t feel like twisting his hair).  “I wear clothes that fit my slender athletic frame, I don’t like sagging my pants or baggy shirts draped over me. I’m very detailed oriented so you’re likely to spot me wearing a watch, ring or piercing in my ear,” says Amir.


When Amir is not modeling, he enjoys songwriting and producing music with his group: Abstract Deviance (AD). This group is a creative collective of musicians and artists whose work spans a wide variety of genres. “I want to be a positive change that can reconstruct the world as we know it,” said Amir, “When listening to “certain” artists it’s difficult to relate to their music, so initially I decided to make music for myself and the love of the art.”


Amir is strong in both mind and body. He understands of importance maintaining physical health and expanding intellectually. “My health is vital to me so I spend a great deal of time at the gym. When I’m not recording or working out, I’m reading books. As a college graduate, I cannot stress enough that our education does not stop with our degree,” Amir stated.

Amir is a young gentleman with a bright future and a great sense of style. Be sure to follow him on Instagram @amirthestong. Also, don’t forget to check out his group, Abstract Deviance. Visit their website at