Testimonial: Calamine Lotion Primer

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Recently, I’ve been on the hunt for a new makeup primer that was affordable and had ingredients that I could pronounce. Thanks to my good friend, Google, I came across information stating that calamine lotion could be used as a makeup primer. I have to admit that I was a bit surprised as I had never heard of this before (sometimes I live under a rock, figuratively). I did a bit more research and found that this was a fairly common use for calamine lotion.

I’d fallen into the habit of buying expensive primer from major cosmetic brands. As I am becoming more conscious of the ingredients in beauty products, I am making an effort to look for more natural and less expensive alternatives. To say that I was pleased to find this solution is an understatement.  I already had calamine lotion in my medicine cabinet! I knew it was good for skin rashes and breakouts, but never did I imagine it as a makeup primer. I had to give it a try.

calmine-curtainIt is important to note that using calamine lotion as a primer may work best for oily skin. Calamine lotion is a skin protectant and a drying agent. My skin is not super oily, but it can get moderately oily from time to time. The first time I used it, I made a few mistakes. It is imperative to clean and moisturize your skin first! I washed my face and used aloe gel as a moisturizer. Let’s just say that this mix did not work well for me. I think I used too much aloe gel and throughout the day, the gel started to peel just a little bit. I looked like a cute disintegrating zombie!

My second mistake was putting on too much calamine lotion. If felt to smooth and creamy going on; I got a little carried away. When it came time to apply my makeup, it was difficult to cover the pink hue of the lotion. I looked a bit like Beetlejuice! If I ever choose to be a ghost for Halloween, calamine lotion definitely does the trick!

Mistake number three was using a stick foundation. I usually use a stick foundation because I like the coverage. But, it was not a smooth application when putting it on top of calamine lotion. I fixed this by switching to liquid foundation. The liquid foundation worked very well to cover the pink hue of the calamine lotion. It was also a much smoother application.

Over the next few days, I made some adjustments. %100 Cocoa butter replaced aloe gel as my moisturizer. LOVE cocoa butter. I mean really, who doesn’t want their face to smell like chocolate? The cocoa butter loves my face and it worked well beneath the calamine lotion. Additionally, I decreased the amount of calamine lotion by applying a THIN layer. I was able to do this and still get great coverage. The old adage rings true: less is more.

cocoaI got the hang of it, eventually. I can honestly say that using calamine lotion as a primer definitely has my approval! I am so glad that I found this solution. My makeup stays on all day and remains looking fresh. Prior to using calamine lotion, my face would feel a bit yucky towards the end of the day.  I would come home and immediately want to wash my face. Now, I can wear my makeup longer and honestly feel like I don’t have any on! Thank you calamine lotion!

Feel free to give this a try if you like.  Find a moisturizer that works for you and a method of applying your makeup that works with calamine lotion. Please note that everything may not work for everybody. Find what works for you. Before trying anything new, you might want to consult your physician. Safety and common sense comes first!

Stylishly yours,
Robyn Alright

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