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By Robyn Alright

“Strong is my last name and I’ll be damned if I don’t live by it. Period.”  These are the words of Amir Strong, fashion model and music producer. To say that Amir is talented is an understatement. Creativity and confidence flows through him with ease. Amir is a regal leader who is undoubtedly making a name for himself in the fashion industry.

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Amir was given his first opportunity to walk the runway for a local designer while he was in high school. “I took that experience with me to college and used it to network with fashion-minded students eager to build their brand. I volunteered to wear their designs, in turn, I received top quality photoshoots which boosted my popularity on social media. One of my biggest opportunities came when I walked for Miguel Wilson sporting his formal collection of men’s formal wear,” Amir stated.

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Photographer: @anasbasetem

When asked to describe his personal style, Amir likes a laid-back business casual look with a flare. This means that you could catch him in a buttoned down polo, chinos, vans and sometimes a ‘dad hat’ (if he doesn’t feel like twisting his hair).  “I wear clothes that fit my slender athletic frame, I don’t like sagging my pants or baggy shirts draped over me. I’m very detailed oriented so you’re likely to spot me wearing a watch, ring or piercing in my ear,” says Amir.


When Amir is not modeling, he enjoys songwriting and producing music with his group: Abstract Deviance (AD). This group is a creative collective of musicians and artists whose work spans a wide variety of genres. “I want to be a positive change that can reconstruct the world as we know it,” said Amir, “When listening to “certain” artists it’s difficult to relate to their music, so initially I decided to make music for myself and the love of the art.”


Amir is strong in both mind and body. He understands of importance maintaining physical health and expanding intellectually. “My health is vital to me so I spend a great deal of time at the gym. When I’m not recording or working out, I’m reading books. As a college graduate, I cannot stress enough that our education does not stop with our degree,” Amir stated.

Amir is a young gentleman with a bright future and a great sense of style. Be sure to follow him on Instagram @amirthestong. Also, don’t forget to check out his group, Abstract Deviance. Visit their website at